Thursday, February 18, 2016

Charlottes Brocante is tomorrow at 6 pm.

The sweet things just keep rolling in for the Brocante. I absolutely adore this numbered ribbon. The frenchies use it for  marking linens. We use it for fun. 

Keys from a chateau do fill up the palm of your palms. I think they fill up your heart more. 

Old store boxes for holding bougies (candles). They are full of faded French goodness with labels flaking off to perfection. 

Can you imagine carving dice? Well people used to and place uneven holes for numbers. Imperfect perfection. 

And a little lantern too. 

I have no idea what these were used for but they are just the best in faded French sweetness they have a faded monogram and drawstring. Just the right size of a bottle. 

How about a hand warmer. You early birds are gonna need it. 

Some 19th century zinc finials. Ooh la la is all I can say. Ooh la la. 

And last but not least some early ginormous floral buckets. I leave you with these to give you sweet dreams of the Brocante. 


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Two more days until charlottes Brocante arrives

Maybe someone who comes to the Brocante should start their own French store. My dream it would be ouvert (open)24/7!

Pharmacies boxes from days gone by. That sweet French writing on them gets me every single time. (I am glad it gets to you too!)

Sweet red bouchers twine from Paris. I love it so. 

How about a place to hang you earrings and necklaces just for show?

Speaking of necklaces how about 12 of them in plaques all in a row. Thanks for putting up with my rhyming. You know I love you so. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hello hello a Brocante peeking we go.

How about a box of pink craies (chalk)

Sure enough to make spring come faster. Maybe not but at least your chalkboard with look good. 

A few house plaques to take away your winter blues. 

Hangers for your curtains in bronzey golden goodness. 

And last but not least hemp sheets to help you dream the night away. Zzzzzzzz

Monday, February 15, 2016

Charlottes Brocante is this Friday at 6 pm

Unpicked ticking beds with loads and loads of fabric to use. Fabric to  recover your furniture. Make a pillow. Whip up some curtains.  You choose. 

I buy the few of these every time I see them. I love to think of them how trusted and true they are hanging above the police station winter spring and fall. 

This patina cannot be reproduced no matter how people try. The real thing is always the best. 

Sweet bits of fil de fer (wire) for you. These will hold your cookies or cakes while they cool. 

This will hold a collection or gather your eggs. I vote for egg gathering. This one is from the l1800's

This one will do the same just a different shape. 

And one must have a spot to store limonade or Perrier bottles. See you tomorrow do for another peek for you. Xx

Friday, February 12, 2016

One week from today is charlottes Brocante!!

Last peek of the week. These little boards with knives perfect for your cheeses and cracker spread. Simple. French. Goodness. 

Leave it to the frenchies to always make something beautiful for every day use. Olive oil and jam pots in terra cotta with white glazed goodness. 

Why not spend the day in Paris on rue de bac using your jetons for entrance into the happenings of the day in that street 

French gaming chips. I love the patina. My friend Heidi makes beautiful jewelry. I can see these adorning some leather bracelets engraved perhaps?

French napkins with monogrammed spoons may cause swooning. 

Exvotos await your holy presence as do I Bisous Amy 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

8 days until charlottes Brocante. I am just a little excited

Books. Charlottes Brocante loves books. I found the best books I have ever seen!!!! 1700's faded frothy hemp colored pieces of heaven. 

They are wavy ruffles of paper perfection.This would be a great time to start yourself a library. I add to mine every time I go. 

These boxes of optical lenses had me at hello. Thin and thick, all shapes and sizes. French writing and labels. Enough said. Who need blue speckled Easter eggs for spring for decor? A box if these will do. 

French street sign. Why not?

Cartier Bresson holders for your string. Makes for a pretty package. 

What is a girl who finds old bobines at the Brocante to do? Wrap old French ribbon on them of course. 5 yards will do. 



Saturday, February 6, 2016

What to show you today. I love that you all come to my Brocante to play.

I really don't know what these were used for. I thought they came from holding large wine bottles but the lady I bought them from told me they came from a woolen mill. Either way they are a delicious and rustic delight. 

These are amazing and I have have just a few. I usually end up keeping these for myself. They have the most unusual shape that I adore from the company Creil montreau. 

And these latte bols ( why is bowl so cute in French?) will make you blush at their soft color. 

And linens with bold red stripes. This says country French is for you. With this I bid you adieu.   Oh no not the rhyming again.