Tuesday, May 31, 2011

17 days and it is off to the pinkest place I know...France

I am longing to go on my way to the place were pink is always in fashion .....I will gaze lovingly on the pink menu to see what looks tres bien(very good)and order up a little sweet something like...
Then I will sit at a pink table and partake as the rest of my pink colored world floats by me.
Yes, that would be a pink crepe paper float going down the middle of Sur La Sorgue. Does it get any better really? Not this side of heaven.Thank you Jesus for fluffy pink goodness.You are the best creator.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I love crowns and one day I will be getting one from a real King!!!!

I just love little crowns.....They make me so happy ....This one is attached to a mother of pearl shell for the seat.It was originally used to hold watches but now it has a new job holding my rings on the night stand.
These little sweeties are so dear to me. The silver one is from my friend Janet in California. (She and I also have an affection for old wings, I will discuss that someday with photos)
Oh and crowns on sheets.I have it bad. I do.No since to deny it.My friend Shirley is selling some crown sheets on her Ebay sight now. She wrote a little article about it on her blog that was so interesting. I had no idea each crown is specific to a certain aristocrat. They are all different with varying amounts of points and decoration and she has a chart that tells all about them. This is a pillowcase.....
.............................. this one is on a sheet. Are you breathing heavy ?
.................................. this little guy is on a pillowcase of which I have two and a matching sheet.So rare and hard to find.To iron them is to iron a work of art. Hand stitching for someones trousseau all numbered and monogrammed in red on the back made to last a lifetime. Oh yeah the best crown from the king I do not have yet but it is a done deal . His word says," When you have stood the test and the trial , on that day you will receive a crown of life that the Lord has promised for those who love him". It is gonna be good my friends. The best news is you can have one too!!