Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Charlottes Brocante is coming soon mon Amis

Yes it's true!! A Bonnie fete ( good party) is coming your way. Mark your calendars for February 19th at 6 pm. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tomorrow tomorrow I love you tomorrow your only a day away ( YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS) Charlottes Brocante is here!! October 16th at 6 pm

The sign has been hung. 
Walls filled here
and walls filled there.......
walls filled everywhere!
And the tables are too! Not just one....
but two. Now all we need is you!!! I will see you tomorrow at 6. ( except you early birds.)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thursday is only a day away from Charlottes Brocante

Paper weights with a document underneath it. Just magnifies the beauty. 
Rows and rows of large music cards that say fun things like tones et gobelets. 
Little dishes for your moutarde or sucre. 
And some little molds for making cheese. 
And one hatbox with a pop up top hat. 

Two days two days until the 16th!!

Time is ticking. No pun intended but you will find some divine French ticking at the brocante. 
Do not get me started on these. 19th century votives from the churches in France. 
And in case you get thirsty on your travels you can take your travel glass with you. Love love love it. 
It has been a time since I have found French paint brushes. I put mine in urns with books and documents. Putting plants in urns is so last week. 
This little box was meant for giving things your seal of approval.I hope I get your seal of approval when you come to the brocante. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What can the Brocante fairy tease you with today?

One long bar for hanging hats on.....,,,
sweet  faded boxes with labels of streets and Paris........
A  tiny seat to kneel on in your garden while you weed away or to paint a picture by the seaside. When your done the wooden ones they close up with a handle for easy carrying........
science equipment for experiments at home. Who are who kidding were just in it the looks..........
speaking of looks........ theses beakers with tubes in French writing are sure easy on the eye. 
and lost but not least, a little port for your 'LETTRES'. I have said it before and I will say it again,WHY IS EVERYTHING SO CUTE IN FRENCH!! Bisous

Sunday, October 11, 2015


This is getting real. 5 days. I just get a little bit excited. I found this beauty at lemans. I have no idea what it is or was used for. It just is divine. Divine I tell you. 
I love these large zing plaques. Maybe to mark a bag of some grapes to say who's vineyard they were from. 
And tassels in trees are sure to please. I love the wire that runs through them. 
Ruffles on the pages of books are the only way to go. Frothy fluffy Ruffles book pages I adore you so. 

I cannot remember what these are called but they were in the end of a long pole and they used them to pick fruit high up in the trees. 

I have not one but...,,,,,,

two. Of course I use mine for more practical things like old ribbons, documents and candles cascading out of them. 

And this bad boy I hauled home. One ginormous grape harvesting basket with leather straps.what was I thinking. Crusty zincy things in my price range do this to me.  

Saturday, October 10, 2015

I know I said no more sneak peaks until Monday and I meant it when I said it but.........,

These sweet little beat up boxes with remnants of days gone buy. Can you even imagine opening this in Christmas morning or as your one and only present. How well you would have treated it. 

One of the boxes shows the before and after of how your photos should look when your done. It came with extras cause you know practice makes perfect. 

And this one looks like it's for a future architect. 
And this map. It is the on canvas and ripped to shreds and peeling  but I could not say no.  
Anytime Paris is involved it's a good idea. 
Planets and ...,,..
The lune all in orbit. I think this would be beautiful in 8 or 10 frames in a wall. 
And last but not least a old French school map of afrique on a wooden dowel. Sorry when you've been around as long as these guys have with tiny hands touching you as your constant companion you deserve a your own post.