Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring is in the air but Charlottes BROCANTE will be in the fall!

Spring is in the air here!! Peonies and lilacs in full bloom....
a daughter that is blossoming into a bride. What a doll!
Speaking of dolls here is my grandson . It truly is the best......,Then college visits and flower crowns with the "baby" Things here have been beautifully busy so the brocante must wait until the fall.BUT HERE IS A SECRET THE HUSBAND AND I ARE SNEAKING OFF TO FRANCE AFTER THE MAY 9th WEDDING! I WILL TRY TO BLOG ALONG THE WAY! 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A big merci to you !!!

Well I just wanted to stop by and say hello and thank you for your enthusiasm for the store.I just cant even believe It is my 15th time to France. It is Sunday, and I have arrived  in Washington, D.C. and will be boarding soon for Paris. I am going to try to live  blog each day in celebration of  well just to celebrate and I hope you will join along the way.  Xxoo Amy 

Friday, September 19, 2014

The waiting is over!!!charlottes brocante is today at 6 pm!

Well we did it! Everything here at Charlottes Brocante is all ready for  you to come take them home........ Do you not just love this little set up on the gateaux plate? Desert never looked so good. 

And who doesn't need a little white in their life. 
These little ports to hold crayons that say Paris.sigh  
Petit pink threads in a dish.yes please. 
And we cannot forget to pay homage to the love of our lives.......PARIS 

I always love a bit of enamel. Key rings and a thermometer. Is it getting hot? Must just be the excitement of all this French goodness. 

These flash cards with pink ribbons to learn prefixes. Send me back to school now! Or you can use these to fan yourself off from all the excitement of the brocante. See you TONIGHT! Xx amy

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

You are all so patient! Just one more day and the brocante is here Friday September 19th at 6 pm

There are so many little treasures that make me love france every day. And tomorrow they await you. And I do too!

 Cire Troudon. They make the candles for Versailles. And they made some for you too. 
Little bits and pieces of the past to reuse on our present and future. I like them just lounging around best. 

Speaking of lounging around these antique shoe buckles  do it quite nicely on an document. 

I have no idea what these giant clips were for but I know they would be great to hang old maps or photos. 
And we all know if it says Paris I like it   These little crayons are so precious. They don't write as good as they uses to but they have aged well like most Parisiennes do. 
A leather hat box and top hat. Set it by a chair or in a shelf. Nothing more needed. 
I love me some boxes. Ones that say louvre or Chocolat menier or bougie, which is candle in French. Could go well with the above candles. 
I adore this little Marie Cherise candy box. 
And a few zinc pieces I love as is or add a candle. Faded  just the way like it. 
Canisters with black writing so old yet so clean and crisp 
An Olive bucket for lovely towels or sheets all rolled up. I think wood from the fireplace would be the best. 
A rack from a butchers store great for hanging in your garden shed with dried flowers or pans in your kitchen. 
A basket for treasures. All that is missing is you. I will see you tomorrow!!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

On Wednesdays we were pink and Charlottes Brocante is going pink for the day

Pink books. Check
Pink ribbons double check. 
Miniature corsets  in a pink envelope check check and double check. 
Tiny pink bowls? Oui. 
A silky bag?
Tiny sack for candy oui oui oui. 
Yeah,I knew the non pinkies would need a little fix as well. I have some little pieces of zinc and..............,,,
BIG number stencils and.....,,,,,,,,,,
BIG letter stencils too see you in 2day Mon Amis !

Don't you just love a peak at French things that you can get your hands on in three days ?

I am so lucky I get to go to France and shop for you all and then it gets all delivered to my house for you to enjoy.(That is after I wrap it and pack it and fill out custom forms and go to the post office in France then here and unwrap it and price it.)I am just saying I do a little work for you all. I would not want you to think I lay around in Shirley girls house all day and eat chocolates. Only sometimes.

I just love some french pitchers. Add flowers or twigs and you have something really beautiful to enjoy. Two if these are enamel and two are zinc. Both are dreamy shades of grey. 
And these old hooks from the butchers shop are the bees knees. The go flat against a wall. They are perfect to hand on a ledge with some baskets. 
I never get tired if these jewelry stands They say cute things like Girard Paris. That makes me happy. Like really happy. 
Anything with a crown is ok by me. These little unused French menus await for  your soirĂ©e. Or just sit and look at them. I do,and they never talk back. 
And everyone needs a place to hang there hat.Why do we Americans not were hats enough? That needs to change. A scarf or coat looks good too! Look at that shape.same time tomorrow my friends for another peak. We are getting close. 

Charlottes Brocante is here in 5 days on the 19th at 6p.m.

Wells loves, we are getting down to the wire with four days left to show you all of the delights that await you at Charlottes Brocante. But, I am willing to try..... I absolutley adore this little hand holding this letter. I have one that holds my my recipe book open. And I ask, "can you really ever go wrong with giant stamps"?Non is right. 

I was delighted to find these grain sacks. It's been a couple of years since I last had them. I love to look at them hanging by the row and when you come it will be time for them to go.(not the rhyming thing:) how about some chairs covered in them? Or hang them as art in a frame. That what my boy Nolan is doing. 

I got the most wonderful towels this trip they must be 3-4 feet long. I thought they were precious hanging from these old bronze handles I found. 
Le Chic Parisienne Buttons. They just sit around and look good.They just make me so happy. 
Did I mention there will be documents ?Of course I did and they are divine and old (kinda like me;)

And a few little bottles sitting on a socle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving the little things of France along with me. I do so look forward to seeing you all, but  I am not gonna lie you scare me........But only in a good kind if way.Maybe that's how shirley girly feels when I come a visit. Until tomorrow.