Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Merci Beaucoup from Charlottes Brocante!!!

My little Anges. Merci Merci Merci from the bottom of my heart.I loved meeting all of you new people so much.And you oldies are not bad yourself. I do not have adequate words to tell you of the appreciation I have over the excitement you have for the store.You make it possible for me to go and do something I love over and over again.

Stay tuned.........I AM GOING TO FRANCE FOR THE 10th TIME IN MAY!!!!!!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Charlottes Brocante 26 hours and 17 minutes.....

Yes, I counted the minutes because I know you all do as you are waiting to come inside.These little bags will be waiting for for right side up of course.If you want to see them like this again you will have to tip your head sideways tomorrow.
How about some cannisters in whispers of pink to store your cafe in ?
Always documents.Row by row..........
Precious unused menus dressed in 19th century style..Amour...Amour.
Antique books with ruffled pages wait for you with a Rebublique of France flag tip standing guard.
How about a wire basket just because.
Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Botanicals or as the Frenchies say Herbier. I say ooh la la.
Little french salt cellars for there original purpose of whatever you decide.Beads and baubles could be tres bien.
I found some little tiny vintage pink candles and wrapped some french documents around them.Sigh.Happy sigh. I have never found pink candles before.
And last but not least a bushel full of pink and white letters.The white ones are wood the pink are blue plastic painted pink and they look fab.Sorry Shirley for making you pack them up to ship to me. Pink is pink is pink and as you would say" It had to be don"..I might blog one more time before the brocante. If not see you tomorrow at 6 sharp.Merci Bien

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Do you know the way to the Brocante?

These maps can help you, but I think it would be much easier just to come out to Canby on Friday.
I truly love almost everything about France.I even have a thing for there paintbrushes.These are looking for a new home....... could it be yours?
How about a pink satin charity sign from Toulouse? I think everyone needs at least two of these.
Anything that says Paris gets a A+ in my book................
Paris bottle with original cork A++See you tomorrow for another sneak peak xxoo

Charlottes Brocante is this Friday 6-9 yeah!!!!!

For me the little sweet things that remind me of France are my favorite.Baskets like this...........
................and tiny seeds with labels and the all important French writing on them.(I really like these laying on some French documents which will be here as well)
Only hemp towels will do.Dry your dishes make a pillow line a basket.Only your ideas will limit you.

Get your mail in style with this sweet little box or as the Frenchies say boite.
Music books faded and worn with a marbled blue black background.9I have this in red and too!)
Do you need to transport some gold or fine jewelry through the mail? Probably not ,but these little boxes that used to can find a new job for you. Just sitting around looking good is working for them.
How about a little bottle drying rack with wooden spools that you can put your ribbon or lace while crafting the days away?
I love the way the french deal with time .We all should say to ourselves it is 15 30 time to pick up the kids from school. See you at 18 hours for the Brocante on Friday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dreamy brocante..........

Only 3 more days until Charlottes Brocante comes to life...... The store is starting to take on its personality.These little cards have made friends with the mother of pearl rosaries.They seem to be getting on quiet well.
These baskets that used to hold moules (mussels) are waiting to be lined with linen and hold your hearts desires.They are big and wonderful in size.(I think they would look good lined with some linen sheets...yes I have those too!)
And these little sweeties used to hold water for the fire department.That is the story I got so I am sticking with it.They would be cute with lavender or wheat.They are waiting for you and so am I.See you tomorrow for more peaks before Fridays sale.

Monday, February 20, 2012

What will you find at Charlottes Brocante on Friday?

Door knobs in french style what could be better?
Maybe a petite chandelier ...............................
or Moutarde pots 18th century rare.........
Perfume bottles like this they do not make any more.......
and this little artists hand waving to you saying, J,adore.More sneak peaks tomorrow dear friends.Until then Bonne Journee...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Revised Charlottes Brocante

Sooooooooooooo........I was informed that the expo is the weekend of March 2nd so Charlottes
Brocante is moving to the weekend of February 24! So mark your calendar....

No"blog" trip to Venice for now. If Charlottes Brocante is gonna happen Amy needs to get workin.

February 24th from 6-9
Historic Barlow House
24670 s hwy.99e

All are Welcome!!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Charlottes Brocante March 1
  • Morceau antique French silk weave brocade tapestry perfect for period cushions etc. late 1800s
  • Adorable shabby chic antique French locket brooch - powdery verdi gris
  • Fabulous antique French scrapbook page filled with monograms & crowns vignettes LATE 1800S
  • Fabulous antique French scrapbook page filled with monograms & crowns vignettes LATE 1800S

I stole this picture from Shirley's blog.I am not that good cause I only got half.You will have to go to her blog for the full photo.Tell her I sent you.Just don't tell her I stole it.She would not be proud of my poor theft skills.

For all of you who have waited so patiently I am happy to say Charlottes Brocante will be on Friday March 2 from 6-9.
The address is 24670 south hwy 99 e
canby oregon
Please email me should you have any questions.
If you are not patient head on over to Shirleys for goodies galore.

In between Shirley shipping my items from France(thanks trout face) she has found a box and doll from someone on the Titanic and the above photo just happens to be from a man that comes to her door to sell her the contents of attics.You know nothing out of the ordinary.Ahhh only in France.

She just opened up a etsy shop as well.The reason I mention this as many of you email me shattered that you have been unable to attain the perfect thing from her ebay auctions.The etsy items are all buy it now things and are very reasonable.They still fly out fast but you just may get a good deal witch is always fun.

Tomorrow I will be leaving paris via blogland and heading to Venice with my Shirley. Her husband Mark and Kate as well. As I blog I will continue to put the date up for the show and as usual tease with pictures starting in about a week.Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An ode to Repetto

I interrupt this all important post to tell you all Charlottes Brocante is coming to town the last week end of February or the first week end of March.It depends how fast my friend Simply Chateau Shirley ships the rest of my boxes. No hurry Shirl Hurry .

I have a thing for ballet.Love to watch it. I collect antique ballet costumes. I love everything about it.Love it.Love it.Love it. Love it.
The window was absolutely stunning. Full of pink pointe shoes .They were all laying this way.............
and that way.Just a few photos of the window display no temptations. After all I am not in the market for pointe shoes.
Then I went around to the other side of the window and there they were . Not pink not purple not grey sparkling repetto flats.Before I knew it I had them on ....40 and a half the perfect size.
Of course they had a not pink not purple not grey bag minus the sparkles and matching wallet.I will tell you this much..............they makes the grey Oregon days a little brighter.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Painting

This is one of the most thoughtful sweet places in Paris I have ever been.The shop keepers name is Carole.She is gentle, soft spoken and kind.
Her store is at 4, rue de Bourbon le Chateau in the heart of Paris.

She has an incredible eye for detail and brings home chandeliers like this.............

.....and never used bottle brushes on a wire with a 18th century gold fragment hanging from it.Rough and Luxe for sure.Do you notice the large numbered weathered hutch filled to the brim with Astier dishes?The dishes are scattered around with the old and look right at home.
She has a wall of the candles just as big as the Astier store.She gave me one to take home.
If you look at the top of this photo you will see the word Mantes.That is the name of the candle I brought home with me.The generosity of the story that went with it was just as much the treasure as the candle.She asked if I knew Hillary Clinton.I said yes, and in her slow but sure english took the time to tell the story how the candle is named after a place is France that is not so beautiful and Hillary bought some as a symbol to share with people back home.Carole thank you for being your thoughtful self and making my trip magique.Oh and by the way I got the painting . This is her blog and you can get to her online store.Who doesn't need a little Paris fix now and then. Perhaps and Astier mechanical pencil or scented eraser like the St Honore candle.Better yet get the candle

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bonjour Paris

My last night in Paris I had a stroll around place concord and the Jardin tulleries.It was bitterly cold and equally as beautiful .I could not feel my fingers and my face or my feet for that matter but what I could feel in my heart warmed me in a way only God can. Peace. A place with my God alone but not lonely. Amazed that he knows exactly how many times my heart will beat until the day he calls me home.Content. Happy to be going home to my busy life. Home to my Jeff.
The statues against the dark sky took my breathe away.
I had this all encompassing moment of awe for what God has made for us to enjoy.
The enchanting details ..........................
Each one more intricate than the next.
Things so spectacular from any angle they look fabu.
I bid Paris Adieu for the ninth time.
The cafes were done for the night and so was I. This is how my trip ended.Tomorrow I will show you how it began.