Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cruisin to the brocante in Lyon

After a espresso induced high (for the record I do not drink coffee so you can imagine a double shot for me was more than enough to keep me awake and then some)was driving down the autoroute shouting at the top of my lungs to the likes of Hall and Oates and Stevie Wonder with some praise music in between I turned the music off long enough to snap some pictures.You know chateaus by the side of the road and on hilltops just whizzing by. Looking up was just a random hot air ballon floating over the freeway. And yes, there was the brocante. I snapped a little photo of some of the goods I got. One gorgeous Chocolat clock and a processional cross. I can tell you whos gonna want each of those things. I found a lot of things that your gonna love but I found one thing that nobody would even like. They tried to give me the pink toilet paper to ease the pain of standing and trying to potty in the hole. All that after all of us crazies went by car with or foot and flashlights a blaze at 6 in the morning. Then the rain came. I was going to go to a little town called Nimes for there Monday brocante but with the bad weather I headed down to Nice(think niece) I will show you that tomorrow. I am not sure if I should keep
teasing you things as it will be so long until you get to buy them. You are all like a bunch of animals when it comes to the brocante.

You are all sweeties for going to the fleas with me now if I could figure out a way to have you go to the post for me.

Family,I am obsessed with you and think about you all the time. Be nice to Dad and I will bring you home a bag of gum or peanuts.Of course you will need to divide that 6 ways. Love, mom

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Porte de vanves

Today was another glorious day at the brocante. Besides the fact I fell in love with a sweet pooch named Rosy I also got two 19th century absolutley wonderful bed canopies in brass that have a Verdi gris patina that only the passage of time blows its breathe on. Glimpses of courtyards that lead the way onto Paris apartments and then it was time to sortie(exit) and head on down the road to Lyon villerbaune for a 6 am market. I will give you all the details of the trip down tomorrow. You never know what you will see going down the autoroute.

I love you family up to Jesus and back plus infinity.

And of course even in
France with a stick shift I managed to have my leg up on the dash. That is a picture for Char and Nolan will appreciate. The habit does not leave by going to a foreign country.

A bientot (see you soon)0

Friday, September 28, 2012

Chatou la Foire

It was a wonderful day today in so many ways. Here are the are the reasons in a rambling sort of order.(kind of like the pictures:)The sun decided to come out with a cool breeze, I went to a brocante with two darling people,Cathy and her granddaughter Avery. I met her 4
years ago through a fellow blogger. We took the train right outside of Paris and walked across the bridge by the water and passed a few castles along the way to the brocante. I got four breadboards for you crazies. I ate macaroons and walked by the Eiffel Tower on cobblestone streets.

But with all of this beauty the best part of my day was the gnawing all consuming love I felt for Jeff ,Gabe Kylie, Nolan and Charlotte. You are my heart. Besides Jesus there is nothing I love more. Thank you for your unconditional support for me

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bonjour from Paris

It was a rainy arrival in Paris but the sun did manage to come out. The Arc de Triomphe was in its full glory standing guard on the Champs. Flowers vendors had there bouquets out and fun windows reign supreme. The door going nowere and the unicorns are from one of my favorite stores ,Naf Naf. From the time Paris welcomes you at the airport with little ballerinas dancing to greet you your hooked. And last but not least wouldn't you know Amy found a little brocante. I cannot think of a better way to end the day than to share it with you. See you tomorrow Mon Amis were going to Chatou La Foire.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Packing for Paris

I am leaving for Paris on Wednesday so I am practicing blogging before I go.

I was the single holdout on the iPhone at our house and now my kids are teaching me everything I need to know. Below are some photos of little old me in pose mode. Who new if you use the magical iPhone wand you get glowy skin and lose your wrinkles.I am all in for that ap. I am taking my new Goyard bag I got for Mother's Day on my last trip to Paris for her return voyage to the city of lights. And who doesn't need a little cashmere chevron scarf. And last but not least shoes. Shoes. Who can ever get enough shoes. Speaking of shoes you are only three days away Repetto. I will see you in Paris mon Amis. Or, you will be seeing me.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Trying out the iPhone to blog in Paris

Bonjour mon Amis. It is official. I have a iPhone and I will be trying to blog from Paris to Isle sur la sorgue and in between. This is a pic of me and my boyfriend. (also my husband ,but boyfriend sounds funner) A bientot

Monday, September 10, 2012

Merci Merci beaucoup from Charlottes Brocante .Did you know you are sending me to France for the 11th time?

I really have no way to express adequately how much I appreciate you all coming to the brocante. It truly is magical.There would be no Charlottes Brocante without you.I am always amazed at your excitement and it reallly is almost as fun having you come as it is going to France......I did say ALMOST. I am at it again on September 26th.I am so excited to look for the items on your wish list for the brocante in February.Here is a glance at some of my favorite things around my maison.

 A Million little things draw me back to France over and over again.This chalk board is one of my favorite things ever.This came from one of my favorite shops on a little tiny rue in Paris.

 And this paint box came from my Shirley girl in the North of France.She comes up with some good things and this is one of them.If you cannot go to France it can come to you via her Simply Chateau store.

 Books are among my favorite things to bring home and any little charming whos it or whats its.This little ribbon with a harp was for a musician in the military . It would button right onto the uniform.
 Did I mention I love books? French books covered in 18th century fabric are Tres Jolie.This little shelf spends its days lounging in luxury together. 18th century amis need to stay together.
 18th century pictures are something that is a must have for me too.I love the details and precious faces. I guess you could say 18 century is for me.
                                                      Oh and tassels.Lets just say I own a few.

                                             A barometer that is lovely.That is all it has to do.Rubans and lauriers make me say ooh la la.

Did I mention I love french books? Cascading out of a panier. This is one time I realize I am repeating myself.(I am sad to say other times I do not.Middle age oooooooh)

Again thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and making my life a little sweeter along the way.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Charlottes Brocante is tonight from 6-9 all know the way!!

                                                            Bonjour Mon Petite Anges.

Le magasin.......

Charlottes Brocante is finally here!

                                                                The flowers are ready.
And a million sweet things await you.(at least a hundred  for sure:)
These ventouses are shined up and standing at attention.Anything that is already precious looks even more so under these.

 Petite pink buttons that  are hoping they will go home with you.
Tiny zinc jardin markers to sweetly whisper what you planted in your favorite pot.
Oh and these.......Miniscule in size but big in personality proudly displaying there French heritage with Bvt.scdg written on them. Just add oil and a wick and the darkness will run from you.I think these would be great on your garden table.
While your at  it how about a few bulbs in these sweet confiture pots.The Frenchies used to get jams and jellies in them.It is good to recycle non?

A Bientôt (see you soon)