Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cruisin to the brocante in Lyon

After a espresso induced high (for the record I do not drink coffee so you can imagine a double shot for me was more than enough to keep me awake and then some)was driving down the autoroute shouting at the top of my lungs to the likes of Hall and Oates and Stevie Wonder with some praise music in between I turned the music off long enough to snap some pictures.You know chateaus by the side of the road and on hilltops just whizzing by. Looking up was just a random hot air ballon floating over the freeway. And yes, there was the brocante. I snapped a little photo of some of the goods I got. One gorgeous Chocolat clock and a processional cross. I can tell you whos gonna want each of those things. I found a lot of things that your gonna love but I found one thing that nobody would even like. They tried to give me the pink toilet paper to ease the pain of standing and trying to potty in the hole. All that after all of us crazies went by car with or foot and flashlights a blaze at 6 in the morning. Then the rain came. I was going to go to a little town called Nimes for there Monday brocante but with the bad weather I headed down to Nice(think niece) I will show you that tomorrow. I am not sure if I should keep
teasing you things as it will be so long until you get to buy them. You are all like a bunch of animals when it comes to the brocante.

You are all sweeties for going to the fleas with me now if I could figure out a way to have you go to the post for me.

Family,I am obsessed with you and think about you all the time. Be nice to Dad and I will bring you home a bag of gum or peanuts.Of course you will need to divide that 6 ways. Love, mom


  1. Happy travels! I will want to know when you will have a sale here in Oregon. I keep missing them.

  2. I was gunna ask about the toilet maybe shower looking thing but you answered it! Lol I think I would rather pee in the woods.

    Yes darling Chocolate clock/sign but it won't ever hit the Brocante! So sad...You know I like the Cross myself. :) Fabulous!

    Keep up the good work cause we all need our fix and yes we are heathens, please forgive us we can't help it we are Sick! Lol

    Love ya, trek on Sweet Sista~Prayers & Blessings Me

  3. Dommage ! J'apprends que vous passiez à Lyon hier, alors que je suis à Lyon!! Hier je suis allée aux puces de Lyon. Nous aurions pu nous y retrouver...
    Gros bisous à vous