Friday, August 29, 2014

The brocante is on September 19th and......,

.....on September 22nd I am going to France for the15th time!! Whi gies to France 15 times and why? What could I possibly be looking for having gone so many times?

More plates,candleholders and old candles with their original cellophane on them?
Herbier books?
18th century candle holders?
How about little hands holding feves gateaux and tiny 17th century mirrors?  NO NO And NO( that is not entirely true..... I would buy those cute things for you if I find them again;)

This trip I will not be seeing my Shirley and her people Digger,Charlie ,Kate ,Nev and Mark. That will make the trip different  than I am used to which is sad as I love them so. I might get a glimmer if them but they are traveling in September. But, I am going to places I have never been like 
Amiens,Mortagne au perche,Belleme and Picardie too!That makes me happy. 

Don't worry I am still bringing you home brocante goodies but I am on a hunt for something really special and it's gonna be the best find ever. 


Monday, August 25, 2014

September 19th Charlottes Brocante comes to town

Hello Mon Amis! Long time no blog. That is about to change because September 19th from 6-9 is the brocante. Lots of tres jolie (very beautiful) things for you. In about a week I will show you all that awaits you. Bisous