Saturday, March 13, 2010

Merci Beau Coup to All Mon Amis!!!

No photos today just words of gratitude. First and foremost to a loving God who gets me. Who made me to love old things and to be creative .Who even knows the number of hairs I have on my head. Who says he never slumbers or sleep so he can watch over his children and causes our bodies to move and makes the sun come up every morning and the moon come up at night. How awesome is that. I could go and on I mean really if you stop to think about that it really is nothing short of a total miracle. Second, I am so humbled by my friends Patty and her twin daughters Emily and Anna who brought fruit and cookies and wrapped packages and just served me because they love me. They also brought along a few extra helpers Abbigal and annie whom I just adore. I could not have done it without them. Third, for parents who support me and snuck in the back door with little sandwiches for the masses and boy were there masses .And last but not least the people who came. Beautiful loving and wonderful women and men. Isabel,(sweet and funny and precious like a little rosebud)Randy( a real live genuine prince),Heidi,Nancy,Audrey(three little angels seriously, really I am not even joking) Kim( she likes candy and had pink on shes brilliant)two little ladies from Molalla and so many others I do not know your name but I thank each one of you for packing into my little store and like all good pirahnas dovouring and cleaning it to the bone in about an hour. I cannot wait for the next time I see your faces but I look forward to growing in friendship and enjoying each others gifts and talents.Bonne Journee(safe travels)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brocante Booty fit for a Queen

Well I am just about the end of the "booty" post before the Brocante on Friday. I thought one more tease would be in order.To bid you Avoir I leave you with Gorgeous metallic ribbons that would make Maries head spin and boxes with wax seals used to transfer gold through the mail. Darling children dancing there way around trade cards and books so beautiful you could eat them like a tasty macaroon. Did I mention the 1850's botanicals? How about the ventouses? They are just the sweetest to put little treasures under there wavey glass. And my favorite whos it whats it of all to put under the ventouses ..... little feve de roies . They come in every shape from the Eiffel tower to babies and if you found them in your galette you could be the King for the day.Duh everyone knows its the QUEEN of the day!!! Thank you all for your sweet emails to me. You all make it so worth the process. Bonne Chance

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Whos its and Whats its galore!!!

I just love all the little things that make France so special .......I call them whos its and whats its. Dore pieces of wedding domes in the shape of birds, beautiful gilt bows, wonderful in a dish or above a picture .Childrens musique work books and beautful handwritten cards from a french childs game. Whos it whats it do not have any rules that is probably why we get along so well .Were just a bunch of Brocante rebels!!! I will see all of you whos its and whats it lovers Friday at the brocante non?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brocante Bijouxs part deux.....

Adorable little gems....vintage laundry tags,
proud french medals from the 1800's
vintage french communion markers and
early 19th century books fit for royalty! Tune in tomorrow for more ooh la la!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Letters and Documents and Menus Oh My!

Here is a glimmer of the French delights that await you at
Charlotte's Brocante.........early19th century handwritten documents and....
yummy french hotel keys with enamel numbers and....

delectable vintage small french chalkboards and fromage (cheese) molds and....
numerotes(numbers) galore and....
vintage french absinthe spoons and....
mouth watering old french hemp balls .(Can your mouth water over old french hemp balls?Speaking only from my experience....YES IT CAN!)And ................that is it for now, a person can only have so much excitement for one day.More photos tomorrow!Bonsoir Mon Amis