Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brocante Booty fit for a Queen

Well I am just about the end of the "booty" post before the Brocante on Friday. I thought one more tease would be in order.To bid you Avoir I leave you with Gorgeous metallic ribbons that would make Maries head spin and boxes with wax seals used to transfer gold through the mail. Darling children dancing there way around trade cards and books so beautiful you could eat them like a tasty macaroon. Did I mention the 1850's botanicals? How about the ventouses? They are just the sweetest to put little treasures under there wavey glass. And my favorite whos it whats it of all to put under the ventouses ..... little feve de roies . They come in every shape from the Eiffel tower to babies and if you found them in your galette you could be the King for the day.Duh everyone knows its the QUEEN of the day!!! Thank you all for your sweet emails to me. You all make it so worth the process. Bonne Chance


  1. Hello~I was wondering if your sale was invite only? I don't see an address of how to get to your sale.Thanks Kim

  2. Just found you..are your sales just in Portland or what..Etsy do we buy..

  3. Just like the others, I would love to know how I can buy some of your treasures!!!
    You're such a tease!!