Monday, March 10, 2014

At the Chateau

I arrived at the Chateau to find my favorite chocolat in my room along with the very romantic Jeanne of Arc  living magazine. 

I then had my tiny french loving heart flutter with excitement over a  dome full of scrumptious French things........only to have smashed into pieces with a beautiful NO written on it. She knows I must be kept in line and not try to shop in her house like its the brocante. 
Inside the dome , a precious theatre wig sat proudly looking like you could put it on and be holding court like King Louis at Versaille,

a soft pink ribbon tucked into the shoe next to it saying Rose complete with the guilded tag attached,

and last but last but not least to be really mean she had a monogrammed book with AM swirled over the top with guiled swirls all over the cover. So, I took the ribbon and marched downstairs I was    stealing it for terrorizing me. Turns out it was all for me. I fell asleep with a Chocolat wrapper in one hand and the ribbon in the other. 
I woke up to see terra cotta roof tiles with the newborn spring Normandy sun shining on them. 

I love you ,I love you ,and I don't care who knows it ! Think buddy the elf screaming this and you get the picture. My love for you is now on the Internet for all to see. Moo moo mad cow moo moo love tartelette. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Merci Merci Merci Beaucoup

I thank you from the bottom of my french loving heart for coming to the brocante. Really truly to come and wait three or four hours come rain or shine is so very humbling. You make it possible to do something I love very much. 

Tomorrow I leave again for my 14th time. I get so excited to see why I will find. It's like Christmas morning. The weather forecast is coming up rosegold with a touch of blush and scattered grey. 

Soft blushy coat with grey and blushy scarf all packed. 

Blushy pink nails..... Check

Rosegold ballet flats to echape through the streets if Paris. 

And last but not least rose gold bijoux. I will try to love blog and be having a give away too. Bisous