Thursday, August 30, 2012

One week from today Charlottes Brocante comes to life for the night

 The sweet things from the huge Bagnoles brocante that I went to in May with my Shirley girl just keep coming. I only have 5 more posts so I had better get going.These keys I can never get enough of.Some  of them come from a hotel on St Honore which is one of the most famous streets in Paris.
 Pink ventouse.(these are like little jars the Frenchies would use for cupping)  sigh sigh and sigh.I do not know what to say as a pictures is worth a thousand words.Just add a votive and voila ambiance complete.

Will there be papers at Charlottes Brocante? Is that even an appropriate question to ask?Well if you
had to ask the answer is yes.

Oh and little plaques in emaille.These little sweeties speak of hot and cold for your faucets .

 How abut some little bouteilles that would hold perfume for you?

And last but not least little transport boƮtes they would send gold and jewelry in the mail to you and seal it with wax.Have a safe weekend.See you on Monday for more sneak peaks from the brocante.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Still cooking with Charlottes Brocante and its all about the sweet little things

 The brocante is only 8 days away!!!!!!!  I cannot believe the 7th is just around the corner . I am going to keep serving you sweet things until we meet up at 6:00 and for you groupies 4:00
This little chalkboard has been used within a inch of its life....just the way we like it.It has two sides I think a memo board on one side would be fabu.With a piece of french chalk and eraser.Love it.

 Oh ,and Manny is at it again..She is such a french diva. Every time she knows the brocante is coming(which is only twice a year) she cannot wait to be at the center of attention ,in the middle of the room ,with all her jewels on. I do have to say you really never can get enough nacre (Mother of pearl) rosaries.Please do not tell her I said that.

 Tiny lettres slot (I know the french spelling of letters is the best.)

 A zing pitcher(yeah they say zinc like that cause they are french and they can.)
And last but not least a little pompier the frenchies use to carry water with. I hope you go to sleep tonight with sweet dreams of the brocante.

The door bells ringing whos coming to dinner?

 Would you not just love a little french bell ringing announcing your guests have arrived?
 And of course you need to have candle light for ambiance.These little sweeties have wooden wicks.
 You will also need some flowers so this grey vase will come in handy.
I always love when I find these lampions. The wavey glass is so ooh la la .These came from the catholic church and they would light the candles inside and say a prayer.

Be sure to go over to my friend Shirleys at Simply Chateau blog and see her "new" old salon she is finishing up. And of course you can find sweet little things all the time at her place to buy  if you cannot wait for Charlottes Brocante.Why wait when there is so much shopping to do and so little time.


Now you really have to go visit Shirleys blog as I was just there and she blogged about some shades I sent her three years ago and they are going in the salon.They are on some plaques thick and antique  as the day is long . Ooooooooooooh I am jealous, but only in a good way.The old girl(I mean young) has waited a long time. I hope they do not let charles the cat in there as if a wind blows through he will think they are birds and there will be19th century silk and gold pom poms flying through the air ripped to shreds.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Be sure to stay hydrated

 As your doing all of this cooking you will probably need something to drink along the way.Now you could use the above flask but I am not sure how much cooking you will get done if you if you start swigging on this.
 This little naughty pierrot has been quenching his thirst with champagne and now apperars to be playing with fire.He is the cutest little french menu ever.
To play it safe just use this cute little thermos with a little glass inside to get yourself a little sip.The frenchies use these at the springs .No you are not going to france to get a drink.We still have more cooking to do.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Charlottes brocante is still cooking

 Twelve more days until the brocante and we are still cookin. If you have ever been to france you know they are the biggest foodies in the world. Can you imagine going to get fresh oeufs ( eggs ) and putting them in a basket like this??????
 How about pomme de terres (potatoes) in one of these?.I prefer a little fabric in mine.I am thinking they collect all of there kids and baskets and send them out to come help them as how can you hold so many baskets at once?
And then of course you have to measure everything just so and clean up when your done. That is were these measuring cups and towels come in handy.I could get used to cooking in a french decorated kitchen .Maybe thats my problem. .............Note to self switch whole kitchen over to French items. or just move there.Vive la France!! See you tomorrow ma belles.

Friday, August 24, 2012

What to put in those little tarte pans from Charlottes Brocante

 Maybe you would like something in cerise( cherry)............

                                           How about poirve (pear) ?

Even if you just like plain old vanilla there is nothing plain about French 'vanilla. But old,Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE WAY US BROCANTE PEEPS LIKE IT.

 See you Monday for more sneak peaks. 15 DAYS TIL THE BROCANTE.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sometimes when I am cooking I eat dessert at the beginning middle and end

Nothing says sweet like something sweet.
 I just don't think  you can get much sweeter than these plaques off of chocolate crates.

If it says Paris it just makes it Tres Jolie(very good)

     Tomorrow I am going to give you some ideas of what to put in these little tarte pans.

                              15 days until the Brocante mon amis.I can't wait. Amy

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another day another peak at Charlottes Brocante

Today is day three of cooking with Charlottes Brocante.
 I love these mortars.Perfect for grinding fresh herbs(not the herbiers from yesterday:)
 Oh and the baskets.The baskets,the basketsThe frenchies love themselves some baskets.Here is a  very unusal picnic basket  with a linen cover over the top in which the handle is left showing.The other basket stacked on top was used  to transport things to and from the market.The graisse pot is perfection....... terracotta with white glazed over the top.
And may I ask who does not need a few cafe au lait bowl?.These are just about cute enough to make me start drinking cafe......Only 16 more days until the Brocante.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

September 7 is a good day to flavor your life with some Herbiers

My favorite things besides going to France to the fleas is when I get to come home and get everything ready for you. I look forward to the process of blogging to show off all the goods so you can dream....... hope........and want.For  you who need a little spice in your life(and who were patient not getting any last time) voila!I have them for you row by row.


                                                             From the 1890's they are
                                                             the best I have ever had.        

                                                            YUM YUM AND YUM.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Whats cooking at Charlottes Brocante

Handwritten menus with a couronne (crown) above  M.These are a one of the best appetizers I can 
think of.
Grain sacks big.These are double sided so you can whip up a few pillows or chairs.
Grain sacks small.These are perfect for anything at all.Candles or lavender or sweet little things.
I adore these flour sacks with traces of dried flour still on them.I have already washed mine so I will leave it to you to wash yours.They are fluffy and dreamy waiting only for what your imagination can stir up. 

From now until September 7, I will be showing you the recipe for French Brocante happiness.The recipe is quite simple really. Just add all the ingredients you love one by one and you will end up with a mouthwatering creation that suits your taste.......... and the best thing is there are no calories ,no fat and high in joy filled happy oxidants.See you soon for another course tomorrow.This remember is just the appetizer.Bisous amy