Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Be sure to stay hydrated

 As your doing all of this cooking you will probably need something to drink along the way.Now you could use the above flask but I am not sure how much cooking you will get done if you if you start swigging on this.
 This little naughty pierrot has been quenching his thirst with champagne and now apperars to be playing with fire.He is the cutest little french menu ever.
To play it safe just use this cute little thermos with a little glass inside to get yourself a little sip.The frenchies use these at the springs .No you are not going to france to get a drink.We still have more cooking to do.


  1. I see some BLING! It looks like a lil something for everyone.
    Always excited until the next Brocante~Cheers Kim xox

  2. My, My, My you have been a busy little bee!! The treasures look so amazing, I can't wait to see you and see all the goodies in person, mmmmm :D

  3. Most lovely Pierrot!

    One is distracted by the bubbles and sparkles!!
    Lovely lovely lovely Madame!

  4. I am home so call when you get loose! ~Me