Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Still cooking with Charlottes Brocante and its all about the sweet little things

 The brocante is only 8 days away!!!!!!!  I cannot believe the 7th is just around the corner . I am going to keep serving you sweet things until we meet up at 6:00 and for you groupies 4:00
This little chalkboard has been used within a inch of its life....just the way we like it.It has two sides I think a memo board on one side would be fabu.With a piece of french chalk and eraser.Love it.

 Oh ,and Manny is at it again..She is such a french diva. Every time she knows the brocante is coming(which is only twice a year) she cannot wait to be at the center of attention ,in the middle of the room ,with all her jewels on. I do have to say you really never can get enough nacre (Mother of pearl) rosaries.Please do not tell her I said that.

 Tiny lettres slot (I know the french spelling of letters is the best.)

 A zing pitcher(yeah they say zinc like that cause they are french and they can.)
And last but not least a little pompier the frenchies use to carry water with. I hope you go to sleep tonight with sweet dreams of the brocante.


  1. Yummies Yummies Yummies! How is a girl to choose....You know I will be there, just for you~Cheers Kim xox

  2. A Girl can never have enough Zing either!