Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The door bells ringing whos coming to dinner?

 Would you not just love a little french bell ringing announcing your guests have arrived?
 And of course you need to have candle light for ambiance.These little sweeties have wooden wicks.
 You will also need some flowers so this grey vase will come in handy.
I always love when I find these lampions. The wavey glass is so ooh la la .These came from the catholic church and they would light the candles inside and say a prayer.

Be sure to go over to my friend Shirleys at Simply Chateau blog and see her "new" old salon she is finishing up. And of course you can find sweet little things all the time at her place to buy  if you cannot wait for Charlottes Brocante.Why wait when there is so much shopping to do and so little time.


Now you really have to go visit Shirleys blog as I was just there and she blogged about some shades I sent her three years ago and they are going in the salon.They are on some plaques thick and antique  as the day is long . Ooooooooooooh I am jealous, but only in a good way.The old girl(I mean young) has waited a long time. I hope they do not let charles the cat in there as if a wind blows through he will think they are birds and there will be19th century silk and gold pom poms flying through the air ripped to shreds.

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  1. oh my oh my! I wish for some treasures from France and I see you have them for Meee! I miss my sweet Amy...See you soon~Cheers Kim xox