Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Charlottes Brocante creamy dreamy giveaway

What happens when you take one French document.....................................
whip in one French song book........
and fold in a old perfume label with a little card of lace from the old Samarataine department store of Paris?
You get a recipe for a sweet creamy confection in honor of Charlottes Brocante 8th time to Paris and all parts of France surviving it intact,even going around the arc de triomphe circle with Parisian drivers.It remains to be seen if I will make it a 9th time. Who are we kidding, I will probably go in April.Overseas people are welcome. Just enter your name to win. I will pick a winner on Monday.Bonne Chance Mon Amis.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Brocante and Bronchitis both start with b.One is more fun than the other

This is what it is like to peer into a French brocante.Little boxes of precious things on tables and beneath them.Things are thrown out in no particular order. They are none the less perfectly imperfect.
This delights my soul .I just feel so much gratitude to be able to do this and share it with you.
Tiny boxes that say charming things like plumes and rosaries made of nacre (mother of pearl) sweet little tiny thoughtful things. These are things I adore. And you all as well. I will be having a give away to celebrate my trip.It was very difficult with lots of stress and sickness but in the end beauty reigns. I felt so close to God while I was struggling . He just has a way of making all things right..... Bronchitis is on the mend....Thank you Jesus for antibiotics.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

D. Porthault for new towels and stolen fabric from Simply Chateau

This is my new bathroom floor that my husband finished right before I left for Paris.
I already knew I was going to use this beautiful sheet with my monogram AM and crown for the shower curtain. I spent time in Paris first trying to figure out the towels.Should I go nice and reasonable or nice and not so reasonable. I was thinking nice and reasonable. I would get my towels on the way back to the airport..........Then fast foward to my Shirleys house..........Because of my kidney infection I spent alot of time in her bathroom and just happened to have a tile in my pocket to use to match some towels for my bathroom when I spied this delicious piece of toile.
I wrapped myself up in and came down stairs and showed her the perfect match it was.I caught her in a weakened state and off she sent me home with it. I am having some curtains made with scalloped tops. ooh la la.
This is late 1800s and was a bed cover. It has quivers ............and
cherub type people with titan like scenes with horses and banners and the likes. It is amazing.
Then I got the nice towels but not reasonable.I tried to resist but I could not.The shade of blue
was more than I could take.If you have time you should go to there web site.Everything is handmade .

Quilted in a diamond shaped pattern....................
piped with white scalloped to an inch of its life.
add in a 18th century Jardinere for bath salts.........................
and a sweet little French dolls dresser and I think I am on my way to a tres jolie salle de bain.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pink Parfait windows of Paris

Pink books,
Pink teapots,
more pink books..............................
a sneaky white tea pot with pink books.Why? If you have to ask you will never understand.If you are smiling reading this you already know.Let your heart sing as you think about the pink windows of Paris today,I know I will.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Presenting Katie Wells the beautiful daughter of my Shirley

She is even more adorable than I can speak of and she sells on ebay.Yeah us! I just spent some time with her in Paris and had to show you some of the items that she truffled out while we were together.You will have to wait awhile for Charlottes Brocante to get your local fix so this is the next best thing! Since I have been sick in bed it has given me some time to fixate on all the things I left in France last week.She likes what we like ladies.Lots of creamy dreamy fripperies from the city of lights. I think I will take one of each,I'll race you there! I am so eyeing the goods.I know self control should reign but I doubt it will.It is so fun to find people who like what you like that is French and they speak English so if you have any questions it makes it easier.Also she keeps her shipping low which makes it more practical to buy.I think this is the link on how to find her on ebay below.Sweet little froufrou sells under cafe de paris. Happy shopping and or browsing to you all. I will be back soon to show photos of my trip.

These are a few favorites of mine from her auctions this week.Can't you imagine those buttons sitting in a sweet dish or inside of the jewelry makers transport box? A little piece of art.Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. How about the books?The books?The books?I cannot ever get enough books..............EVER!!! The only practical thing I should buy is the thermometer so I can watch the local temperature plummet :( If you buy or just look- it is a little something fun to do this weekend. Bonne chance Mon Amis (Good luck my friends)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Home from Paris with a trip to the Hospital in the Normandy countryside

If you have to go to the hospital in France you can look forward to a sweet little sign that says water closet.That makes it kinda special.Right?
Some things are the same for a check of a kidney infection in France as well at the states.Wipe front to back and potty in this little cup.They do put the date in French numbers which I myself think adds a little ooh la la.
And then there is the pink toilet paper.They really know how to treat a guest, right? Just when you think it can't get any better they throw in the pink tp. I will be back for sure. Only 8 euros 10 for pain killers and antibiotics.They were much nicer than the dentist at 8 am the day after I got home with an infection in one of my crowns? Did you know you can get a infection under a crown? Well,you can and now you know.The nice endodontist will relieve you of your pain and 1539.00 dollars at the same time. I guess if you add in the airfare with the antibiotics it is a wash. But in Normandy I got free English entertainment of a mad Brocante women name Shirley.We did go to the Brocante before the hospital.......You know first things first!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where does your road take you?

Tomorrow all roads lead me to Paris once again. 8th time..............butterflies in stomach.......Where will the roads take me? Plane.................metro...................bus...............I will arrive . As the Eiffel tower comes to view I will thank Jesus for another trip.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Charlottes Brocante behind the scenes

My name is Amy and I am the person behind Charlottes Brocante. It is named after one of my daughters.This came from a dream I had to go to France twice a year and you have made it happen.I would try to say thank you in another more meaningful way bit I simply have no words.You have brought so much joy and friendship into my life.

I have 6 children.Yes,I said 6.At this time last year I had 4. My precious adopted daughter Kylie graduated from college in May and is now a missionary in Haiti. I miss her terribly but she is in laying her life down to serve Jesus and is in his will and so in this life I will miss our everyday life of talking and being together for all the eternal work going on. Two year olds in the street are having dinner now.She is one of my heroes. Over the past several months two children from our church had parents that are not able to take care of them because of various addictions.They now reside with us. This has been such a difficult time but the beauty out weighs it all.One of the children we have was using a hole outside to go to the bathroom. 2011 in the united states. Not okay. My husband agrees that this one needs to come home.

My husband .He is amazing. He makes me feel safe and beautiful and loved. Last night as we sat around the table for dinner I looked around at my newly expanded family. I have only had my table filled up for family dinners with beautiful ironed linens and silver.That table was more beautiful than any other time I had ever been there. Paper towels and plates. After dinner my husband prayed for each of the children per there request of what they needed in life.It is such a tender moment I will treasure in my heart to bring out when times are hard.

I am not writing this to say look what we are doing. I am writing this to say look at what God is doing. Everything we do is because he has allowed us to do it. On my own I am selfish and broken.With him I can do all things. Because of his grace for me I can give it to others. The same goes for love and compassion and every other good gift...........they all come from above. He is growing us and our children to love the things of him. I wish every one of you that read this blog would know the Jesus I know. The loving unconditonal no matter what you do or have ever done Jesus.The Jesus who numbers the hairs on your head and knows everything about you Jesus.The Jesus who loves you Jesus who says you have been adopted ,accepted and redeemed Jesus. The Jesus who longs to calls you his own and created you in his image Jesus.The Jesus that says, "One day I will wipe every tear from your eyes.There will be no more pain no more suffering and no more dying "Jesus. He will rock your world this Jesus if you say yes to him.

So that is Charlottes Brocante Amy behind the scenes Amy. I love Jesus , my family and the Brocante in that order.Shirley, Janet and my Kims are up there too in no paticular order.It is raining in Paris.I can't wait to let it fall on me.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Simply Chateau Shirley is having a online Brocante and I will be the first in line(I mean online)

EXVOTO mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I can never get enough playing cards.

My friend Shirley is doing her first ever online Brocante sale.What makes it really exciting is that she has never done this before. She is restoring her Chateau and in the process is going through all her armoires to empty all of her little bits she can't pass up and does not want to move to the new wing, and are too small for ebay (I offered to
do it when I come on Thursday but she didn't fall for it.) She sells on Ebay and for
those of you watch her auctions you know you have to be sitting by the computer to win.(or not win as I get all the whiny emails asking me what to do) This is going to be fun as there is no bidding,All items are buy it now and it is yours.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Charlottes Brocante is today Mon Anges!!!

If you are reading this you have made it to September 9th and all your long patient suffering has brought you to the Brocante!!!! I will see you all at 6 (and a few of you crazies at 4- you know who you are :) Be sure to wear sunscreen if you must perch outside the store..........Oh and Did I tell you I am going to Paris next week? ...........Well,I am so consider yourself told.........I also have a little secret about my friend Shirley........................I will let that cat out of the hat on Saturday. Or is it cat out the bag? Either way its coming out. See you tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Charlottes Brocante loves numerotes (numbers)

How about some tags for keys or bags or whathaveyous?I have doubles of each.Done!!!

Need a house number?Done!!!!
How about 1-20 with little hagners on the back to put on your wine glass for judging your wine.Done!
I simply cannot go by a number while going about the French fleas without picking up everyone I see.The 0-9 guys are for stenciling on grain bags.But you can do whatever you want because I said so.

Another day, another peak at the Brocante......

Well hello faithful brocante peeps.Only two more days and we have made it!!!! You know how I love to tease, so ..............I thought you might enjoy this chippy peely french sign with swords hanging down for your monday morning viewing pleasure.You can see the letters are most deliciously faded.
And here it is from far away.Would look so good with a Napoleon hat,medailles and flags surrounded by it.(Yeah,I have some of those.)
These three things have made nice and are becoming good friends.Pink and green plus key.Three is no crowd here.
Of course the creamy white cannister stands alone.It is hard being perfect. Al a Prochaine (See you next time) Mas Belles.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Can you believe just three days until Brocante day!!!

I simply cannot be discret about my amour of the Brocante.Bringing it to you allows me to experience again!!!!!! To touch things like this creamy dreamy sheet music sends me soaring...................
as do these spice jars with original labels.
How about an enamel garden vase turned grey by time........................
and maps in creamy dreamy faded glory that say things like Toulon and...............
attached to canvas with not grey not black printing on them .They are happy with there age and it shows.
Bonjour Mon Amis. I will be pack to tease more tomorrow and I will see you in three days!!!!