Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Charlottes Brocante loves numerotes (numbers)

How about some tags for keys or bags or whathaveyous?I have doubles of each.Done!!!

Need a house number?Done!!!!
How about 1-20 with little hagners on the back to put on your wine glass for judging your wine.Done!
I simply cannot go by a number while going about the French fleas without picking up everyone I see.The 0-9 guys are for stenciling on grain bags.But you can do whatever you want because I said so.


  1. Ah, the silver tags are really cute. Love them; I agree that they are must have items. Smile, Paula

  2. I`m going to stamp numbers on your derriere in Paris. What numbers would you prefer Madame?

  3. All the above for me Please.........I'll take not one, but not two and maybe only three~Cheers Kim