Friday, September 30, 2011

Home from Paris with a trip to the Hospital in the Normandy countryside

If you have to go to the hospital in France you can look forward to a sweet little sign that says water closet.That makes it kinda special.Right?
Some things are the same for a check of a kidney infection in France as well at the states.Wipe front to back and potty in this little cup.They do put the date in French numbers which I myself think adds a little ooh la la.
And then there is the pink toilet paper.They really know how to treat a guest, right? Just when you think it can't get any better they throw in the pink tp. I will be back for sure. Only 8 euros 10 for pain killers and antibiotics.They were much nicer than the dentist at 8 am the day after I got home with an infection in one of my crowns? Did you know you can get a infection under a crown? Well,you can and now you know.The nice endodontist will relieve you of your pain and 1539.00 dollars at the same time. I guess if you add in the airfare with the antibiotics it is a wash. But in Normandy I got free English entertainment of a mad Brocante women name Shirley.We did go to the Brocante before the hospital.......You know first things first!


  1. Glad you are well and that it did not cost too much. The pink toilet paper is awesome! ha ha

    Wishing you a relaxing weekend

  2. lol:)! infection under a crown? That's so not fair! I cannot wait to see your loot!

  3. Bummer!! Hope everything is okay now. Can't wait to hear all about the brocante:-)


  4. I would go to the hospital in France just to get that pink toilet papier!! OMG! Did you bring some home? I am SO GLAD you are HOME SAFE! I know Shirley sent you home with a magic halo and some feathered wings on your tutu~~~

  5. Welcome Home Sugar Plum~You have been very, very missed........I soooo hope the rest of the trip was happier times.I was worried about you this trip.You rest up Sweet one~Cheers Kim

  6. Oh no! you got a kidney infection! im so sorry to hear that! i hope its all cleared up by now!! love you sweet mama! bless you! you are so wonderful! love love love you!

    -- Kylie