Saturday, October 1, 2011

Presenting Katie Wells the beautiful daughter of my Shirley

She is even more adorable than I can speak of and she sells on ebay.Yeah us! I just spent some time with her in Paris and had to show you some of the items that she truffled out while we were together.You will have to wait awhile for Charlottes Brocante to get your local fix so this is the next best thing! Since I have been sick in bed it has given me some time to fixate on all the things I left in France last week.She likes what we like ladies.Lots of creamy dreamy fripperies from the city of lights. I think I will take one of each,I'll race you there! I am so eyeing the goods.I know self control should reign but I doubt it will.It is so fun to find people who like what you like that is French and they speak English so if you have any questions it makes it easier.Also she keeps her shipping low which makes it more practical to buy.I think this is the link on how to find her on ebay below.Sweet little froufrou sells under cafe de paris. Happy shopping and or browsing to you all. I will be back soon to show photos of my trip.

These are a few favorites of mine from her auctions this week.Can't you imagine those buttons sitting in a sweet dish or inside of the jewelry makers transport box? A little piece of art.Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. How about the books?The books?The books?I cannot ever get enough books..............EVER!!! The only practical thing I should buy is the thermometer so I can watch the local temperature plummet :( If you buy or just look- it is a little something fun to do this weekend. Bonne chance Mon Amis (Good luck my friends)


  1. Bonjour - so sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up when you were in town. I left a few massages on your US phone but don't think it was working!! Will plan ahead next time! Looks like you had a marvelous time..but then how could you not.
    Feel better soon,

  2. Get well Chickie, I am lovin the French Flag Miss Kate has up for bid.She is darling reminds me of my Miss Jamie~Kim

  3. Love those pink buttons! Katie is an adorable buttercup! Good eye too!