Saturday, October 8, 2011

D. Porthault for new towels and stolen fabric from Simply Chateau

This is my new bathroom floor that my husband finished right before I left for Paris.
I already knew I was going to use this beautiful sheet with my monogram AM and crown for the shower curtain. I spent time in Paris first trying to figure out the towels.Should I go nice and reasonable or nice and not so reasonable. I was thinking nice and reasonable. I would get my towels on the way back to the airport..........Then fast foward to my Shirleys house..........Because of my kidney infection I spent alot of time in her bathroom and just happened to have a tile in my pocket to use to match some towels for my bathroom when I spied this delicious piece of toile.
I wrapped myself up in and came down stairs and showed her the perfect match it was.I caught her in a weakened state and off she sent me home with it. I am having some curtains made with scalloped tops. ooh la la.
This is late 1800s and was a bed cover. It has quivers ............and
cherub type people with titan like scenes with horses and banners and the likes. It is amazing.
Then I got the nice towels but not reasonable.I tried to resist but I could not.The shade of blue
was more than I could take.If you have time you should go to there web site.Everything is handmade .

Quilted in a diamond shaped pattern....................
piped with white scalloped to an inch of its life.
add in a 18th century Jardinere for bath salts.........................
and a sweet little French dolls dresser and I think I am on my way to a tres jolie salle de bain.


  1. Beautiful. I love the bathroom floor and the toile and just everything. Blue I find to be so tranquil

  2. Simply Fabulous! I can't wait to see it.So excited for you~Cheers Kim xox

  3. Bring that toile back the gendarmes I have been robbed!