Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Biento Paris I shall see you soon

Goodbye Paris. Goodbye bistro tables that line the sidewalks everywhere you look. Goodbye cobblestone streets that take my feet to happy places. Goodbye beautiful antiques and dogs wearing bows. And last but not least, goodbye Chocolat without the "E" I will miss you so.

Check back next week for a few special giveaways!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday in the Marais and the Jewish quarter

What is the key to a Sunday afternoon in Paris when all the stores are closed? Well I am glad you asked. Just head on over to the Marais district for shopping and all the kosher food you can eat. Repetto is a must to just see the window display but it is my go to place to buy shoes every trip. I got two pairs this time ,a sparkly pinky gold pair and some patent leather black. The last two pictures are the line for the best falafel ever!!! Definitely worth the wait.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Night in Paris

After the sun sets, Paris lights up. Cherry blossoms in a courtyard of a building take on a life of their own. I so love it against the grey and dark night. Hotels are aglow and window boxes sparkle as well. All I have to do is take in the Magique. Done.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Chatou La Foire

I went to the Chatou La Foire today and found goodies galore. Precious bonbon tins with the Eiffel Tower and Pierre Gourmand on them. Beautiful documents that say Paris and sweet French somethings on them. And they all went to the post office. I wish the little man that takes you back and forth from the flea to the train station on the Navette was there to help but no such luck. A bientot xxxx

My day in Paris

Today was all about just being. Walking around enjoying all the simple things around me. There are so many interesting happenings. I started my day walking behind the sweetest little girl swinging her baby doll. Pure joy. Then saw a movie being filmed. Definitely fun.I stood and watched just because I could. The actress was Sophie Marceau. I don't know who that is but she has her name embroidered on a fancy chair. Definitely a frenchie actress. Of course there were many grey things to take pictures of. I ended my night with a bike ride starting at the arc de Triomphe down around around parc monceau and circling the moulin rouge.I will leave you with a beautiful scripture out if 1 John.

How great is the love if the father that he would lavish it in us calling us children of God because that is what you are.

Be lavished in his love today! How great it is. Even if you don't know him he know you and loves you.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Le Mans and Chartres then back

I am back from the country and in Paris until Monday. Today I will spend time with my Jesus, no brocante or shopping just with gratitude. I just shared the past seven days with my dear friend Cathy. Articulate ,kind,thoughtful,gentle Cathy.She is one of the most precious souls I know. Talk about a little slice of heaven on earth. I love you Mon Ami Cathy. And of course I love my Kimmie. And my precious family. Here are a few peaks of what the brocante fairy is bringing you. French bulldogs and sunsets, gardening benches, hat boxes in pine from barons, and 10 of the most ginormous bread boards you have ever seen. Round and long alike. I also saw Shirley and her daughter Kate and got a hug. Until tomorrow. Xxxx ooooo Amy

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A grey day in Paris

Grey is the best color, non? A wonderful day for strolling bridges to see what you can see and brunching at Laduree with a friend for hours on end. And of course a brocante or two. Sweet wooden handless baskets and tiny crates along with a silver butter knife nestled in with some rosaries for the ride home...........

I love you family up to Jesus and back plus infinity. Mama

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Brocante and bits of this and that

I had to go on a box run by the local market to get boxes to start packing the brocante loot. The produce market was so beautiful I could not make it two steps without taking a photo. Chocolat boxes and bonbon bags along with ballet costumes from the Repetto store and sweet cherubs sneaking around were all part of my paris day.