Thursday, March 21, 2013

Le Mans and Chartres then back

I am back from the country and in Paris until Monday. Today I will spend time with my Jesus, no brocante or shopping just with gratitude. I just shared the past seven days with my dear friend Cathy. Articulate ,kind,thoughtful,gentle Cathy.She is one of the most precious souls I know. Talk about a little slice of heaven on earth. I love you Mon Ami Cathy. And of course I love my Kimmie. And my precious family. Here are a few peaks of what the brocante fairy is bringing you. French bulldogs and sunsets, gardening benches, hat boxes in pine from barons, and 10 of the most ginormous bread boards you have ever seen. Round and long alike. I also saw Shirley and her daughter Kate and got a hug. Until tomorrow. Xxxx ooooo Amy


  1. So nice you are enjoying your time with such sweet souls.Happy you got to see Shirley girl and Miss Kate that was unexpected,nice it worked out! :)

    Ooooo you know my heart just stalled for a moment! Those breadboards are enormously huge you didn't buy did you?

    Nice to hear from you and have an update! Please enjoy our Jesus today as he is so very special.

    Many prayers & blessings your way.All is going good here :)

    carry on sweets, Me xoxo

  2. Love the little black french bull dog, makes me want one

    I do enjoy your updates from Paris and what all you find.
    I do hope to be in Portland sometime when you have your sale

  3. Safe travels home my sweet one! You are SO Loved and I hope we will have time to visit sooner than later because I miss you and can't wait to hear about every single step you took:)

  4. Yes I bought 10 , 5 of each kind!!! There will be no fighting over them.