Friday, March 22, 2013

My day in Paris

Today was all about just being. Walking around enjoying all the simple things around me. There are so many interesting happenings. I started my day walking behind the sweetest little girl swinging her baby doll. Pure joy. Then saw a movie being filmed. Definitely fun.I stood and watched just because I could. The actress was Sophie Marceau. I don't know who that is but she has her name embroidered on a fancy chair. Definitely a frenchie actress. Of course there were many grey things to take pictures of. I ended my night with a bike ride starting at the arc de Triomphe down around around parc monceau and circling the moulin rouge.I will leave you with a beautiful scripture out if 1 John.

How great is the love if the father that he would lavish it in us calling us children of God because that is what you are.

Be lavished in his love today! How great it is. Even if you don't know him he know you and loves you.


  1. I am sure there is lots of movies made in Paris

    Last night at my painting class I painted the Eiffel Tower

    ' will do a new post about it tomorrow, not as beautiful as the one you see

  2. A Fabulous Day! Nice to simply take it all in as it is and enjoy your day.

    A sweet lil thing with her baby doll for sure :)

    Nice scripture, nice reminder! luv you too!

    Enjoy my bestie, Me xoxo