Monday, October 14, 2013

My favorite things I found in France

I found so many beautiful things in France this trip. One of them is this 19th century silk ribbon from a opera singer. Shirley got one and I got one. We are twins in so many ways it would frighten you. 

Oooh and I love me some stars I got this one that holds a candle behind it which is going to hang from my chandelier. It formed residence was a Catholic Church. 

Speaking of stars and churches I got this little guy too.  He was from behind a vierge at the church. Now he will be hanging out with angel wings.



For those of you who know I am always trying to lure away Shirleys boy with gifts of rawhide bones wrapped with chicken. Well this time was no exception. This time I upped the ante as I brought dehydrated chicken as well. I am not sure if that was what did the trick or not but let me tell you what happened next. I left 
Shirley downstairs to play with my iPhone and I went to bed. Sleeping in the chateau in a cozy attic bedroom is not the worst thing that has ever happened to me. So Shirley comes up about 1 am for  a visit and diggie came with her. We visited and he hopped on my bed. Shirls said,"come on diggie "but he wouldn't move. She went downstairs and said ,"we shall see how long this lasts."So after about 10 minutes if tummy rubs he flips the blanket up with his nose and snuggled by my legs. He only stayed an hour but he left his mom and dad downstairs wondering if  the unthinkable has happened. Tartlet steals the brocante items and now Digbert ? Well I do not want to exaggerate but this dog is really smart when he goes to bed in the morning he lifts the blankets to get in and lays on the pillow.Hw is the most wonderful thing I have ever found in 
France.He melts my heart every time I see him. Who new bad dog breath and whiskers could become the desires of your heart? It can and did. Xxoo diggie 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Home with treats for me and a few for you

I brought you all lots if beautiful goodies. You know if I show them to you now the pacing will begin and you will wear out your floor boards. Think February. I have some things that will be going to a very patient someone in California. Ans a birthday girl here too You know who you are. But now onto my treats that you can see for free. 

I am drooling over my newest treasures that keep coming in the mail. This little guy came home on the plane with me. 18th century Italian. It was love at first sight. I saw him as he was in a shop in isle sur la sorgue that was closed. I went back the next day and looked again then at 5 in the morning I woke up my husband Jeff to tell him of my naked angel and the need he should come reside with us and live above our bed. 
Once I told Jeff the floor he was standing on was pink and grey he decided it must be done. There are many reasons I love my husband but the mere fact he says to get it if I love it he will love it too. Crazy love will so that to you. 
I always visit my friend Odile when I am in town and her store never disappoints.She has a amazing eye for detail.  I got these little 18th century fragments to lay on.......
This amazing shelf that I got.....
to go with this painting  I got in Paris last year. With Shirley I got some beautiful chairs as well. It was a good trip for me. I do not often find so many things I am looking for.When you just enjoy the journey it kind is falls in your lap. I am looking for a picture of my favorite thing in France. I might have to steal a picture from Shirley just like I stole this thing from her. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The best things I found in France

I had a bit of a soft faded purple moment this trip to France. 18th century shoes with metallic threads and mirrors the same age with mercury faded glass. A bouquet of millinery lilacs  with a paris tag attached. And a number plaque with a 7. These however are not my favorite things.  
And this 18th century chair as well will come to the states with me. Two of them to be exact.Still not my favorite things. 
This is the object of my true affection. My favorite thing I have ever found in France , my Shirley.She has taken me to attics and roads and places in the  north were the  prices are still marked with francs. They are little secrets that will stay in the north but warm my heart in the states every time i think of my adventures. Shirley discovered how to take a selfiies on my iPhone.Side splitting laughter for went on for days. Here she is pledging her love to my Jeff. (Or as she says her Jeff. )
Then there is Mark.All we have to do is feed him and he just smiles and carries bags and open doors and packs the car all day long. He does require coffee stops as well but that's it. Always happy calling Shirley sweetheart all day long. He is as proper of a English gentleman as you can imagine. He gets in some real corkers whilst we are out. And he has excellent singing skills. The weather was perfect and the brocantes plentiful. But if I am truly being honest there is one thing better than all the above things combined. His name is Diggbert, Or as I like to say Diggie. I will tell you all about that another time. Bonnie nuit from Chicago were I am spending the night with a plane delay. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Merci beaucoup et au voir

My blog title says thank you very much and goodbye. I have not adequate words to say thank the friendly faces that come to my brocante. For the kindness mixed in with cookies and scarfs,necklaces and notes. The conversations and love of the old things of France. The goodbye is that I am leaving for France tomorrow. This will be my 13th time. I still cannot believe it myself. What keeps me going back?

Little treasures of 18th century wallpaper and books that whisper in hues of pink mauve decadence

A 18th century piece of gilt wood in the shape of a swan resting on pages of poetry on paper so delicate and thin. 

Zinc flowers with pink letters and marriage documents who knows if I will find some new"friends" for them.

And dreamy fabric with angels circling a ciel de lit. The unknown is the most wonderful part of all. But what I do know is I keep coming back. See you tomorrow my old friend France. We will explore together again and what a treasure it shall be. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Tomorrow Saturday the 7th is here and so is Charlottes Brocante

The sign has been hung......

At 6:00 you can come in!
You will find all the little things that make france so fabulous. How about ticket books that you would pay for your seat at the cinema and then get a "sortie" ticket so you could go in and out?
Or you could get some pharmacies jars like this......
or school samples used for teaching and make you own curious display. 

For the royalty we have plates with crowns. 
Perfume boxes with angels. Sigh

And a few wax seals from documents. So many sweet things and so little time to show you. Come tomorrow and see all! See you tomorrow mon Amis 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Only two more days!

ENot 53 or 63 days like these little numbers say. 
And who does not need a chocolate box with a crown ???? WHO I ASK?
You could always stash your chocolats in a eiffel tour tin.
 Why not put your chocolats on a wedding pillow? You would have to ask the ormolu mounts  to move. THIS COULD GET UGLY. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

You are not dreaming. Charlottes Brocante is this Saturday!!!

But it will turn into a nightmare if you come Friday because no one will be home. 

Well, we are getting close now. And the sweet things are all waiting for you in there best distressed natural beauty. These spouts for pouring out your liquid of choice. I vote balsamic vinegar and olive oil. 
How about some good old fashion bottle opens that say Saint yorre?I put one in my picnic basket. 
Ooooh and these tarte pans with a few candles? Oui oui and oui. 
Ah yes,crystals with monograms and crowns and crosses. 
I put mine on the bottom of my chandelier. Everyone needs a little ooh la la,non?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Charlottes brocante is on Saturday and the kids are back in school

Picture in your mind the treasures Charlottes  brocante will bestow upon you thus coming saturday. Speaking of pictures,how about a camera or a little old movie projector. OOh the things they have seen. 
Little blackboards with crayons to write sweet things like thank you. 
And not brown not black but sepia pictures to frame with sweet little faces like the people who come to brocante........see you tomorrow for another peak and in person on Saturday. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day mon amis

Well, we are getting closer to the brocante and we can say now it is this week. Saturday to be exact. Just a few more looks for you at what caught my eye during my travels around France. 
Absolutely huge 4 feet long linen grain sacks with a oh so French rouge stripe in them. 
Speaking of linen,I love all the old maps backed with it on squared sections. 
Rows and rows of maps lined up on walls. They have traveled all the way from France for you and hope to find a nice american adopted home. Enjoy the holiday with your family and I shall return tomorrow. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

One week from today is Charlottes Brocante!!!

The cute things just keep coming. France us the capital of cute.These are so wonderful.They were made for chapeauxs(hats) Who does not need a monogram? I am thinking jewelry. Monogram jewelry. Ooh la la

Speaking of chapeauxs here is a box without the hat. But for the love of all things good who needs a hat when you have a box like that?
And speaking of jewelry these litle gems would be perfect all with hooks as they hung from a chatelaine.Clipped around your waste you were prepared for the challenges of the day. Smelling salts anyone? Need a match? How about a pencil? See you Monday for more sneak peaks. Sunday is a day of rest and I am taking advantage of it!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Charlottes Brocante is 8 days away!! Saturday Septmeber 7 6 pm

 All of the precious things that make your house have a french feel have arrived for the brocante and await you.Sweet plaques from a dog show in Normandy landed this little dog third prize.These plaques are numero uno for me with the soft shades of grayish white whispering across them.
 These little garden kneelers are kissed with the passage of time just the way we brocante people like it.
Oh and these troughs with battered by the ages in a patina wood gets with the passage of time.Candles and greenery will make your heart sing with these. Another day another post tomorrow which will bring us closer to the brocante.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Charlottes Brocante loves Frenchie paper things of any kind and they will be waiting for you Saturday the 7th of September

Mauscrit means handwritten in French. How about a wall of manuscrit papers for you wall? I like them just sitting around on a table maybe with the below plaque resting on them.

These beautiful game cards are also wonderful to frame.Make a card ,put them on a gift bag or place them on shelf.They sit pretty wherever they are.

And the same goes for these scolarie flash cards.Brushing up on your French is always a good idea with these  flashcards from ecole.(school)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Charlottes Brocante sneak peak for SATURDAY September 7

These long bread paniers are so precious.They would come in handy when you...

 slice your  baguette on a round bread board........

  or these ginormus square bread board.....(why not use both as life is short? So much bread so little time:)

Then use your paris knife for a little jam or beurre ( butter) Delicuex!