Friday, September 6, 2013

Tomorrow Saturday the 7th is here and so is Charlottes Brocante

The sign has been hung......

At 6:00 you can come in!
You will find all the little things that make france so fabulous. How about ticket books that you would pay for your seat at the cinema and then get a "sortie" ticket so you could go in and out?
Or you could get some pharmacies jars like this......
or school samples used for teaching and make you own curious display. 

For the royalty we have plates with crowns. 
Perfume boxes with angels. Sigh

And a few wax seals from documents. So many sweet things and so little time to show you. Come tomorrow and see all! See you tomorrow mon Amis 


  1. Thank You My Sweet Friend for such a beautiful Brocante as always !!! There was such a nice group who gathered last night.

    We all were so happy with our treasures and exchanged our very favorites.

    Thank you to Mr.Jeff your favorite BF and the Sweet Charlotte and Emily for their help and conversations.

    All my love and blessings as always.Prayers for another safe and fabulous trip.xoxo