Wednesday, September 4, 2013

You are not dreaming. Charlottes Brocante is this Saturday!!!

But it will turn into a nightmare if you come Friday because no one will be home. 

Well, we are getting close now. And the sweet things are all waiting for you in there best distressed natural beauty. These spouts for pouring out your liquid of choice. I vote balsamic vinegar and olive oil. 
How about some good old fashion bottle opens that say Saint yorre?I put one in my picnic basket. 
Ooooh and these tarte pans with a few candles? Oui oui and oui. 
Ah yes,crystals with monograms and crowns and crosses. 
I put mine on the bottom of my chandelier. Everyone needs a little ooh la la,non?


  1. Bonjour,
    Des petits moments précieux de bonheur oubliés avec vos belles photos...
    gros bisous

  2. I am sorry to miss the soiree but know it will be fabulous!!xo