Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Merci beaucoup et au voir

My blog title says thank you very much and goodbye. I have not adequate words to say thank the friendly faces that come to my brocante. For the kindness mixed in with cookies and scarfs,necklaces and notes. The conversations and love of the old things of France. The goodbye is that I am leaving for France tomorrow. This will be my 13th time. I still cannot believe it myself. What keeps me going back?

Little treasures of 18th century wallpaper and books that whisper in hues of pink mauve decadence

A 18th century piece of gilt wood in the shape of a swan resting on pages of poetry on paper so delicate and thin. 

Zinc flowers with pink letters and marriage documents who knows if I will find some new"friends" for them.

And dreamy fabric with angels circling a ciel de lit. The unknown is the most wonderful part of all. But what I do know is I keep coming back. See you tomorrow my old friend France. We will explore together again and what a treasure it shall be. 


  1. You are the most precious lil Angel I know !!! Hugs & Kisses My Amy I will see you when you return.

    Many Blessings for a safe and happy trip.Hoot it up with Mrs Shirley Girly and Digger too :)

  2. I a bracing myself ready for the arrival!!!!

  3. Bonjour chère amie,

    Bienvenue dans mon pays... Où faites-vous escale ?... Faites-vous une petite halte sur Lyon ?
    Gros bisous