Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall is here and so am I

Things here are getting back to normal. I am having fun arranging sweet things from the brocante around the house and making fall bouquets. The boxes are arriving from France and it is like Christmas in October. I am with my family were I am happy and content.

I will be having a giveaway soon as all the goodies arrive so stay tuned. The brocante will be in February so save your dollars from Santa as it is gonna be good.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dog tired

I am at the airport waiting to go to Germany then New Jersey and finally little old Canby Oregon. The ducks are tired,my dogs are tired and the real dog is tired. No ,I take that back. I think he just can't get up. Bisous mon Amis

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday at the Sorgue angel wings and crowns

Today I was going to Nimes but instead I went to Odiles. She has collected for a very long time and asked if I would like to buy some of her special things. Her home is like something I cannot describe. 18th century paintings and mirrors ,chairs and wallpaper and crystals.Dreamy for sure. I bought Anges so old they look like they were forged by hand. A beautiful watercolor with crown and monogram (in gold and pink, the colors of my room) and then a chandelier in bois and dore with the face of a ange. Each time she would show me something she would say,"Do you like?"I ran out of money but still kept liking. I am joyful for the things I got that she so wanted me to have. I get to be the keeper for a while. But it is she that is the most lovely of all the things. She is a artist in every sense of the word and lives that way. We did not say goodby we said toot sweet. See you in minute. I will count the minutes until I next see you Odile. Bisous

I almost forgot about my wings. I asked her if she ever saw angel wings they use at the Catholic church for the children at Christmas and she said no she never had. At Avigion she pulled some out of a old box and says is this what you speak of?.......Magique

Sunday, October 7, 2012

birthday brocante and by by

The brocante was wonderful today at Carpentras. I found some old tiny paint pallets on the the route to Isle sur la sorgue. The boxes of paint and brushes will go good with them. Post boxes and wire racks for cooling gateaux.Beautiful plaques too. Then,it was off to Odiles for her her anniversarie (brithday) lunch.Such a magical day to be with her. I gave her some of the music cards I found. It has been a long time since finding any so I was very happy. Now le poste office awaits me like a dentist appointment I cannot cancel. Tomorrow is the Nimes market, such a sweet one. Then the goodbyes start which is never easy but then I will be saying hello again to my family. I can't wait.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Avignon Aaron and Mary

Today was a glorious day at the brocante. The sun was shining and no mistral(wind) was about. Tomorrow I am going to another brocante and will show photos from both and give you guys a fix. Now if you can believe I found something better than the brocante. That would be two somethings or should I say someones. Aaron and Mary are English college students working at the hotel I am staying at. They do this as part of there degree for one year. Aaron and I became fast friends over old books. To say he is a book junkie would be an understatement. He is charming and articulate and has two first languages being French and English. We went out for dinner as he is very homesick for his mum.Well,he said his friend Mary was homesick for her mum as well so we brought Mary into the fold and have been eating and laughing the nights away. I spoke so much to Aaron about God and scripture and all the different versions I like that to read he bought me a New Testament...............IN FRENCH!!!He has a lot of faith in me.I guess I will have to get going on my French lessons at home. Mary is precious and soft spoken and looks like Amy pond from Dr. Who. She is from a huge family and has 56 first cousins and is one of five children. Tonight found us roaming the streets of Avigion after a Japanese dinner in which poor Mary thought the wasabi was a piece of avacado. Ooh la la She cooled off with a sip of her drink and I am proud to say made a full recovery.

I miss my family so very much but have found these two to be so lovely. They miss there mum I miss my kids so it is a perfect match. They are incredibly hard working young people and such a joy to be with. It will be hard to leave them but we are planning ways to reunite.

They are both over achievers who have excellent chopstick skills.Aaron uses hus pinky finger as s pointer which I find quite enjoyable. Here are some photos of our wonderful night together.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Another sunny day on the Isle

The antique stores are only open three days a week here.So,today was the day for me to go and see what I could find. It has been a relaxing day with a trip to la poste. I then went over to Odiles to visit.
She had some cadeauxs (gifts) waiting for me. She calls me her petite ange. Which is what I call you all at home. She had this little charm waiting for me along with some sweet little enamel numbers for drawers. I also recieved this ribbon and roses light I will put in my urn at home. I met her two daughters and her two grand daughters that she calls her little daughters. They are so lovely. I walked and strolled taking in the sights. Sweet white doves greeting me with a coo and facades of buildings with the sun shining against them with the blue sky as a backdrop. No treats for you all again today. I am going to the brocante Sat,Sun and Mon so do not worry. I did manage to dig up a few treats for myself. A sweet child's book with M. Dauphin written on it and another pink music book with Mireille in the dearest if french print. Sweet little bois dore (wood and gold) pieces for my urn. The swan will remind me of the sorgue that flows through the town.

Thank you family for letting me be here. I am so greatful to you but long for the days of homework, church and dinner.You are my joy.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mon Ami Odile

Today was a very special day for me. I went to my friend Odiles store at 11 and left at 6. The day went by so fast with midi(lunch) with her beautiful daughter then back to her store for shopping. I also went to her home upstairs and ooh la la is all I can say. Everything is so perfectly imperfect. She arranges things in such a unique way. Rows of mirrors and frames stacked together with 18 century wallpaper hanging on the wall with clips. Pieces lost find a home on one chair while a cat lounges on another. Of course the cat was laying on 18th century fabric. No photos of her house as it is secret place..... her special place. We had tea and lots of talk. Below are a few treasures I bought for me. Sorry nothing for the store today. I am over the moon to be the keeper of these treasures for a time. The star wreathe is from a vierge. I am going to hang it with my processional wings. The wall paper is going above my bed. It is in a style called grisalle. Oooh and the zinc turned green funerie wreathe. Rue de Republique is the way to a little piece of heaven in L isle sur la sorgue.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

L isle sur la sorgue

I am in the land of the sweetest village ever. It is also home to my dear friend Odile. The weather is perfect the Caramel and chantilly crepes are calling to me. X marks the spot on cute houses with ivy growing and geraniums still blooming. I love looking into courtyards seeing what there is to see wondering if the people that live there love it as much as me. The swan and I are doing swimmingly just letting the currents take us around town. I will at the brocante Fri, sat,sun and mon so I am packing up and posting getting ready for the next wave. A bientot and bisous mon Amis