Saturday, October 6, 2012

Avignon Aaron and Mary

Today was a glorious day at the brocante. The sun was shining and no mistral(wind) was about. Tomorrow I am going to another brocante and will show photos from both and give you guys a fix. Now if you can believe I found something better than the brocante. That would be two somethings or should I say someones. Aaron and Mary are English college students working at the hotel I am staying at. They do this as part of there degree for one year. Aaron and I became fast friends over old books. To say he is a book junkie would be an understatement. He is charming and articulate and has two first languages being French and English. We went out for dinner as he is very homesick for his mum.Well,he said his friend Mary was homesick for her mum as well so we brought Mary into the fold and have been eating and laughing the nights away. I spoke so much to Aaron about God and scripture and all the different versions I like that to read he bought me a New Testament...............IN FRENCH!!!He has a lot of faith in me.I guess I will have to get going on my French lessons at home. Mary is precious and soft spoken and looks like Amy pond from Dr. Who. She is from a huge family and has 56 first cousins and is one of five children. Tonight found us roaming the streets of Avigion after a Japanese dinner in which poor Mary thought the wasabi was a piece of avacado. Ooh la la She cooled off with a sip of her drink and I am proud to say made a full recovery.

I miss my family so very much but have found these two to be so lovely. They miss there mum I miss my kids so it is a perfect match. They are incredibly hard working young people and such a joy to be with. It will be hard to leave them but we are planning ways to reunite.

They are both over achievers who have excellent chopstick skills.Aaron uses hus pinky finger as s pointer which I find quite enjoyable. Here are some photos of our wonderful night together.


  1. Your such a hussey! And a very pretty mama hussy at that!! How fun my love!

  2. Awe you are such a sweet lil angel showing those two youngins some love! You are Priceless and that's why I Love U! Spread the word God is good, he loves you so~Cheers & Blessings Me xox