Friday, October 5, 2012

Another sunny day on the Isle

The antique stores are only open three days a week here.So,today was the day for me to go and see what I could find. It has been a relaxing day with a trip to la poste. I then went over to Odiles to visit.
She had some cadeauxs (gifts) waiting for me. She calls me her petite ange. Which is what I call you all at home. She had this little charm waiting for me along with some sweet little enamel numbers for drawers. I also recieved this ribbon and roses light I will put in my urn at home. I met her two daughters and her two grand daughters that she calls her little daughters. They are so lovely. I walked and strolled taking in the sights. Sweet white doves greeting me with a coo and facades of buildings with the sun shining against them with the blue sky as a backdrop. No treats for you all again today. I am going to the brocante Sat,Sun and Mon so do not worry. I did manage to dig up a few treats for myself. A sweet child's book with M. Dauphin written on it and another pink music book with Mireille in the dearest if french print. Sweet little bois dore (wood and gold) pieces for my urn. The swan will remind me of the sorgue that flows through the town.

Thank you family for letting me be here. I am so greatful to you but long for the days of homework, church and dinner.You are my joy.


  1. Sounds like a beautiful day my darling! So happy you found treasures for yourself.I am loving all mine and so so happy you do this for us.I am grateful for our friendship and the french treasures are a lil extra icing on the cake.

    Can't wait for our lil trip with the girls to the beach it will be all about us

    Trek on sweet one, trek we are awaiting grand treasures.

    Until next time!

    ~Cheers & Blessings Me xox

  2. Je suis si heureux que vous trouver une joie lil long du chemin! Envoi de mon amour et de bénédictions à votre façon ~ Vive Kim xox

  3. Ok, so I think I am starting to turn, turn with a green patina of envy. Sounds like heaven! I can see that river in October light and that beautiful little town:) Bless you my dearest little friend~