Monday, October 1, 2012

God Jesus and the brocante

Today was a day of growth and reliance on my part. God always wants to meet me were I am at, the problem is I do not always want to meet him. I want to do things and rely myself or my Tom tom(the. Frenchies gps system) The problem with that is sometimes the GPS cannot pick up a satellite signal and I do not know the way. We are both broken and working to fix the situation. That is were Jesus comes in handy. The bible says the savior of the world would be crucified and not have one broken bone. It also says the God of Israel never a slumbers or sleep shown watch over his children. His word also says When you seek me you will find me when you seek me with your whole heart.

Today I am greatful for Gods gentle reminder of who he is and wants to be in my life. He is never broken or sleeps and gives us a opportunity to find him when we use our heart to show us the way to him. He wants us to pursue him.

Being here and traveling to France is not about the brocante and I realize that more each time I come. God is doing a work in my heart and he uses my times of being vulnerable and alone to breakdown the things in me that are not of him. I want to tell you Jesus at 10:57 am I hear you and I am stopping what I doing ( the brocante) to be with something I love more and that is you!!

Of course a few photos of the brocante for you all. Tomorrow I will post some photos of nice and Monaco or Cannes as I am not sure we're I will end up. I. am done with the brocante for today and want to spend my time worshipping the creator because there would be no creation to enjoy without him. Thank you Jesus the creator of the brocante Yipppppppeee!

A round bread board or pizza board a small bottle rack and 5 very heavy patinque balls.



  1. My heart is skipping a beat for more reasons than one! God is good, God is Great we thank you for the Brocnate and fabulous treasures! Ooh la la

    We also thank you for Miss Amy's safety on her travels and forever changing heart! I feel the changing heart as well and being grateful that I can take the time to notice and be grateful!

    I too am hunting for French treasures while you are away and finding them at the most unique places ever.I feel it's God's lil way of healing a lil bit of sadness too! Feeling Grateful!

    Sending you Love and Prayers Sweet one~Me xox

  2. De gros bisous à vous... J'ai toujours beaucoup de plaisir à vous lire et à admirer vos merveilleuses photos.
    gros bisous

  3. I'm so glad you are enjoying your trip in many different ways. I could only imagine France would be a great place to seek God and all his beautiful treasures!

    I'm loving everything you are sharing so far, especially those bread did you know I've been wanting some:-)

    Safe travels Amy!


  4. Dearest Tartelette
    You are like a delinquent teenager............what have I always told you about Nice? Go to your room
    Madame Le Comptesse du Breuil