Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mon Ami Odile

Today was a very special day for me. I went to my friend Odiles store at 11 and left at 6. The day went by so fast with midi(lunch) with her beautiful daughter then back to her store for shopping. I also went to her home upstairs and ooh la la is all I can say. Everything is so perfectly imperfect. She arranges things in such a unique way. Rows of mirrors and frames stacked together with 18 century wallpaper hanging on the wall with clips. Pieces lost find a home on one chair while a cat lounges on another. Of course the cat was laying on 18th century fabric. No photos of her house as it is secret place..... her special place. We had tea and lots of talk. Below are a few treasures I bought for me. Sorry nothing for the store today. I am over the moon to be the keeper of these treasures for a time. The star wreathe is from a vierge. I am going to hang it with my processional wings. The wall paper is going above my bed. It is in a style called grisalle. Oooh and the zinc turned green funerie wreathe. Rue de Republique is the way to a little piece of heaven in L isle sur la sorgue.


  1. Smashing my Darling! Can't wait to see your wallpaper up. You found some very sweet treasures...I am sure it was nice to have spent a day to just relax and enjoy~Cheers Kim xox

  2. Uggggh!! Ok NOW I am done being nice to you! I WANT THESE! YOU ARE KILLING KILLING ME! You have the most amazing eye to find these! I am so excited you found those stars! Did it come off a Madonna? It's Better than Ninas! The wreath!!! What the heck mon aime!?!??!??! OMG OMG OMG!!! All I can say is you must be an petite ange to find such precious little are blessed on the big beautiful planet we live on my sweet:)) AND I am really so excited and happy for you that you are having and yes finding such beauty everywhere! Here, there and everywhere~~~