Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday at the Sorgue angel wings and crowns

Today I was going to Nimes but instead I went to Odiles. She has collected for a very long time and asked if I would like to buy some of her special things. Her home is like something I cannot describe. 18th century paintings and mirrors ,chairs and wallpaper and crystals.Dreamy for sure. I bought Anges so old they look like they were forged by hand. A beautiful watercolor with crown and monogram (in gold and pink, the colors of my room) and then a chandelier in bois and dore with the face of a ange. Each time she would show me something she would say,"Do you like?"I ran out of money but still kept liking. I am joyful for the things I got that she so wanted me to have. I get to be the keeper for a while. But it is she that is the most lovely of all the things. She is a artist in every sense of the word and lives that way. We did not say goodby we said toot sweet. See you in minute. I will count the minutes until I next see you Odile. Bisous

I almost forgot about my wings. I asked her if she ever saw angel wings they use at the Catholic church for the children at Christmas and she said no she never had. At Avigion she pulled some out of a old box and says is this what you speak of?.......Magique

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  1. Tout simplement magnifique ma chérie! Je suis si heureux vous avez eu une fin heureuse à votre trip.Excited d'entendre tout ça ~ Vive Kim xox