Sunday, September 29, 2013

The best things I found in France

I had a bit of a soft faded purple moment this trip to France. 18th century shoes with metallic threads and mirrors the same age with mercury faded glass. A bouquet of millinery lilacs  with a paris tag attached. And a number plaque with a 7. These however are not my favorite things.  
And this 18th century chair as well will come to the states with me. Two of them to be exact.Still not my favorite things. 
This is the object of my true affection. My favorite thing I have ever found in France , my Shirley.She has taken me to attics and roads and places in the  north were the  prices are still marked with francs. They are little secrets that will stay in the north but warm my heart in the states every time i think of my adventures. Shirley discovered how to take a selfiies on my iPhone.Side splitting laughter for went on for days. Here she is pledging her love to my Jeff. (Or as she says her Jeff. )
Then there is Mark.All we have to do is feed him and he just smiles and carries bags and open doors and packs the car all day long. He does require coffee stops as well but that's it. Always happy calling Shirley sweetheart all day long. He is as proper of a English gentleman as you can imagine. He gets in some real corkers whilst we are out. And he has excellent singing skills. The weather was perfect and the brocantes plentiful. But if I am truly being honest there is one thing better than all the above things combined. His name is Diggbert, Or as I like to say Diggie. I will tell you all about that another time. Bonnie nuit from Chicago were I am spending the night with a plane delay. 


  1. Happy happy happy !!!! So can't wait to see those gorgeous chairs oh be still my heart :)))

    Sounds like you found some fabulous treasures and you know I am loving the soft purple too :)))

    I will be excited to hear all about it.Until then many blessings my Amy, xoxo

  2. I do believe she has once again talked me out of something does she do that the little mademoiselle? !!! 18th century shoes.....oh how I loved you ......

  3. Shirley & Mark ARE true treasures! Friendship will always come over all those beautiful folds of delicious faded pink, purple, blue & green Frenchie stuff.

  4. I can't wait to hear about every sweet little & BIG moment you had everyday!