Saturday, August 31, 2013

One week from today is Charlottes Brocante!!!

The cute things just keep coming. France us the capital of cute.These are so wonderful.They were made for chapeauxs(hats) Who does not need a monogram? I am thinking jewelry. Monogram jewelry. Ooh la la

Speaking of chapeauxs here is a box without the hat. But for the love of all things good who needs a hat when you have a box like that?
And speaking of jewelry these litle gems would be perfect all with hooks as they hung from a chatelaine.Clipped around your waste you were prepared for the challenges of the day. Smelling salts anyone? Need a match? How about a pencil? See you Monday for more sneak peaks. Sunday is a day of rest and I am taking advantage of it!

1 comment:

  1. I have wanted a match tn for a very long time to add to a chain
    they use to be so expensive and now I don't see any around here
    What price do you have on yours?

    looks like lots of great treasures