Friday, August 30, 2013

Charlottes Brocante is 8 days away!! Saturday Septmeber 7 6 pm

 All of the precious things that make your house have a french feel have arrived for the brocante and await you.Sweet plaques from a dog show in Normandy landed this little dog third prize.These plaques are numero uno for me with the soft shades of grayish white whispering across them.
 These little garden kneelers are kissed with the passage of time just the way we brocante people like it.
Oh and these troughs with battered by the ages in a patina wood gets with the passage of time.Candles and greenery will make your heart sing with these. Another day another post tomorrow which will bring us closer to the brocante.


  1. Count down for all the excitement! Not sure we can miss it as we simply love the joy of your sweet lil Brocante. xoxo

  2. We love standing in line in anticipation of your so very precious hand picked treasures just chatting it up with our favorite peeps.I have sent them reminders so I hope they will be there, xoxo