Thursday, August 29, 2013

Charlottes Brocante loves Frenchie paper things of any kind and they will be waiting for you Saturday the 7th of September

Mauscrit means handwritten in French. How about a wall of manuscrit papers for you wall? I like them just sitting around on a table maybe with the below plaque resting on them.

These beautiful game cards are also wonderful to frame.Make a card ,put them on a gift bag or place them on shelf.They sit pretty wherever they are.

And the same goes for these scolarie flash cards.Brushing up on your French is always a good idea with these  flashcards from ecole.(school)


  1. darn I won't be out in Portland for your special sale again, I will make it sometime.
    I like the mauscrit metal plaque

  2. Love love love those game cards......xxxx