Friday, March 1, 2013

Charlottes Brocante is today....Hip Hip Hooray

Well this is it today is the day!!! Here is the last sneak peak of the little treasures that are waiting for you.  These little vichy red curtains want you to make them into a pillow or something else fabulous.Nothing says french like vichy.

Oh documents I love you so!!Sitting on a table or wrapped up in a candle or framed in a row.

Oh and sweet little panier.......I know.... we could line with with the red vichy fabric and put the
documents inside. You antiques know how to work well together.

And last but not least some little sepia print cuties with plans for doors etc.

The treasures are ready and all they need now is you!!! We will see you in a few!( I know me and my rhyming. I don't get out much:)


  1. Have Fun! Wish I could be there:(

  2. Bummed I couldn't make it :( If you still have a small to medium wood cutting board left, please let me know!

  3. Loving the red fabric and they will make fabulous curtains for the Beach Cottage, xoxo