Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another day another peak at Charlottes Brocante

Today is day three of cooking with Charlottes Brocante.
 I love these mortars.Perfect for grinding fresh herbs(not the herbiers from yesterday:)
 Oh and the baskets.The baskets,the basketsThe frenchies love themselves some baskets.Here is a  very unusal picnic basket  with a linen cover over the top in which the handle is left showing.The other basket stacked on top was used  to transport things to and from the market.The graisse pot is perfection....... terracotta with white glazed over the top.
And may I ask who does not need a few cafe au lait bowl?.These are just about cute enough to make me start drinking cafe......Only 16 more days until the Brocante.

1 comment:

  1. I Spy something good! I will wipe the drool off my face now, until next time!
    It's always pure torture in a good way.Tell Jeff to pop the tent I will be camped out to be first in line :)~Cheers Kim xox