Monday, August 20, 2012

Whats cooking at Charlottes Brocante

Handwritten menus with a couronne (crown) above  M.These are a one of the best appetizers I can 
think of.
Grain sacks big.These are double sided so you can whip up a few pillows or chairs.
Grain sacks small.These are perfect for anything at all.Candles or lavender or sweet little things.
I adore these flour sacks with traces of dried flour still on them.I have already washed mine so I will leave it to you to wash yours.They are fluffy and dreamy waiting only for what your imagination can stir up. 

From now until September 7, I will be showing you the recipe for French Brocante happiness.The recipe is quite simple really. Just add all the ingredients you love one by one and you will end up with a mouthwatering creation that suits your taste.......... and the best thing is there are no calories ,no fat and high in joy filled happy oxidants.See you soon for another course tomorrow.This remember is just the appetizer.Bisous amy

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