Monday, August 27, 2012

Charlottes brocante is still cooking

 Twelve more days until the brocante and we are still cookin. If you have ever been to france you know they are the biggest foodies in the world. Can you imagine going to get fresh oeufs ( eggs ) and putting them in a basket like this??????
 How about pomme de terres (potatoes) in one of these?.I prefer a little fabric in mine.I am thinking they collect all of there kids and baskets and send them out to come help them as how can you hold so many baskets at once?
And then of course you have to measure everything just so and clean up when your done. That is were these measuring cups and towels come in handy.I could get used to cooking in a french decorated kitchen .Maybe thats my problem. .............Note to self switch whole kitchen over to French items. or just move there.Vive la France!! See you tomorrow ma belles.

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