Thursday, August 30, 2012

One week from today Charlottes Brocante comes to life for the night

 The sweet things from the huge Bagnoles brocante that I went to in May with my Shirley girl just keep coming. I only have 5 more posts so I had better get going.These keys I can never get enough of.Some  of them come from a hotel on St Honore which is one of the most famous streets in Paris.
 Pink ventouse.(these are like little jars the Frenchies would use for cupping)  sigh sigh and sigh.I do not know what to say as a pictures is worth a thousand words.Just add a votive and voila ambiance complete.

Will there be papers at Charlottes Brocante? Is that even an appropriate question to ask?Well if you
had to ask the answer is yes.

Oh and little plaques in emaille.These little sweeties speak of hot and cold for your faucets .

 How abut some little bouteilles that would hold perfume for you?

And last but not least little transport boîtes they would send gold and jewelry in the mail to you and seal it with wax.Have a safe weekend.See you on Monday for more sneak peaks from the brocante.

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  1. Hello Sweet Sister, I am just back from France myself and had to come over to see what you are up to. How I wish I could go to your Brocante! Those example of exquisite french writing get me every time! And I'm weak in the knees over your keys! I so wish I had been able to connect with Shirley when we were in Bayeux. I wrote her a couple of notes on her blog, but did not hear from her, so had no idea how to connect. Only got to one Brocante, but got a precious little framed bibelot. Okay, now I'm off to see Shirley's bloomers... Well, you know what I mean.