Sunday, September 2, 2012

5 more days until Charlottes Brocante

I pledge the allegiance to the flag of the Repulique of Francaise. Ok ok  I am proud to be an american but lets face it red white and blue looks good on them too.This little plaque has a sash that the mayor would wear.Love it.

Oh and chocolat boite how I love you.


                                   Some sweet little ticking fabric is waiting for you.Grey and khaki colors that make you say ooooh.


Little buttons on plaques that say Mode Parisienne.mmmm

Let us not forget these little fabric stamps who need love too! They need someone to take them home, might it be you?  5 more days!!!

                               See you tomorrow for more sneak peak.




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  1. So much and so hard to choose! I will be there of course.I will be popping my tent very soon...You have such and eye~Cheers Kim xox