Friday, September 28, 2012

Chatou la Foire

It was a wonderful day today in so many ways. Here are the are the reasons in a rambling sort of order.(kind of like the pictures:)The sun decided to come out with a cool breeze, I went to a brocante with two darling people,Cathy and her granddaughter Avery. I met her 4
years ago through a fellow blogger. We took the train right outside of Paris and walked across the bridge by the water and passed a few castles along the way to the brocante. I got four breadboards for you crazies. I ate macaroons and walked by the Eiffel Tower on cobblestone streets.

But with all of this beauty the best part of my day was the gnawing all consuming love I felt for Jeff ,Gabe Kylie, Nolan and Charlotte. You are my heart. Besides Jesus there is nothing I love more. Thank you for your unconditional support for me


  1. Be Still my heart! Four breadboards all at once Woot Woot! Keep up the good work~Cheers Kim xox

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  3. Comment ne pas craquer devant un macaron de Ladurée ?... Merci pour ces belles photos...
    Gros bisous

  4. Hmmm thought you were going at it alone!