Saturday, September 22, 2012

Packing for Paris

I am leaving for Paris on Wednesday so I am practicing blogging before I go.

I was the single holdout on the iPhone at our house and now my kids are teaching me everything I need to know. Below are some photos of little old me in pose mode. Who new if you use the magical iPhone wand you get glowy skin and lose your wrinkles.I am all in for that ap. I am taking my new Goyard bag I got for Mother's Day on my last trip to Paris for her return voyage to the city of lights. And who doesn't need a little cashmere chevron scarf. And last but not least shoes. Shoes. Who can ever get enough shoes. Speaking of shoes you are only three days away Repetto. I will see you in Paris mon Amis. Or, you will be seeing me.


  1. You are just Smashing my darling, Simply Smashing! So excited to follow you on your adventure, would have been more excited to have been riding shotgun with you...I will wait patiently for the treasures to arrive.While you are away I will miss you so but will ponder through my own Frenchies!
    Be safe, my prayers and blessings are with you always~Chow Kim xox

  2. O.M.G. AmyBabyDoll!! YOU ARE GETTING SKINNY! Your glowing AND you have NO wrinkles! I better break down and get an Iphone too! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR GOYARD!!!! Those shoes and scarf are adorable! Happy hunting!! I will be holding your heart everystep you take! I love you and be safe my precious one~ Know how much you are loved!
    Biggest LOVES my friend... It's almost time you can start squealing:))

  3. Hope you'll have tons of fun in Paris! Enjoy! :)

    Boudoir of Paris.