Monday, September 10, 2012

Merci Merci beaucoup from Charlottes Brocante .Did you know you are sending me to France for the 11th time?

I really have no way to express adequately how much I appreciate you all coming to the brocante. It truly is magical.There would be no Charlottes Brocante without you.I am always amazed at your excitement and it reallly is almost as fun having you come as it is going to France......I did say ALMOST. I am at it again on September 26th.I am so excited to look for the items on your wish list for the brocante in February.Here is a glance at some of my favorite things around my maison.

 A Million little things draw me back to France over and over again.This chalk board is one of my favorite things ever.This came from one of my favorite shops on a little tiny rue in Paris.

 And this paint box came from my Shirley girl in the North of France.She comes up with some good things and this is one of them.If you cannot go to France it can come to you via her Simply Chateau store.

 Books are among my favorite things to bring home and any little charming whos it or whats its.This little ribbon with a harp was for a musician in the military . It would button right onto the uniform.
 Did I mention I love books? French books covered in 18th century fabric are Tres Jolie.This little shelf spends its days lounging in luxury together. 18th century amis need to stay together.
 18th century pictures are something that is a must have for me too.I love the details and precious faces. I guess you could say 18 century is for me.
                                                      Oh and tassels.Lets just say I own a few.

                                             A barometer that is lovely.That is all it has to do.Rubans and lauriers make me say ooh la la.

Did I mention I love french books? Cascading out of a panier. This is one time I realize I am repeating myself.(I am sad to say other times I do not.Middle age oooooooh)

Again thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and making my life a little sweeter along the way.

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  1. How did I miss this Post!Thank you my darling for gracing us with your passion of French Lovelies! I am hooked, sick and love it! You have a special place in my heart even if you don't bring me French goodies.Love you My Lady~Cheers & Blessings Kim xox