Monday, March 3, 2014

Merci Merci Merci Beaucoup

I thank you from the bottom of my french loving heart for coming to the brocante. Really truly to come and wait three or four hours come rain or shine is so very humbling. You make it possible to do something I love very much. 

Tomorrow I leave again for my 14th time. I get so excited to see why I will find. It's like Christmas morning. The weather forecast is coming up rosegold with a touch of blush and scattered grey. 

Soft blushy coat with grey and blushy scarf all packed. 

Blushy pink nails..... Check

Rosegold ballet flats to echape through the streets if Paris. 

And last but not least rose gold bijoux. I will try to love blog and be having a give away too. Bisous 


  1. I will sooo miss you Sweet One !!! You will be looking pretty fine during your travels.Precious as can be !!!
    Prayers for safety, fun and lots of fabulous treasures found.Wish I was going with but I am waiting for the perfect time :)
    Give Miss Shirley Girl Lots of Lovin !!!
    Until you return ya lil Tarte Hugs !!!

  2. Are those shoes my size? If so make the most of them now cos they won`t be going back with you!!

  3. your pink is all so pretty I am planning a trip out to Portland next week and wearing all black, just coming for a long weekend , wearing one outfit bringing one outfit