Thursday, February 20, 2014

Charlottes Brocante is tomorrow at 6 PM

Today will be my last post as I will be celebrating my husband's 50th birthday. But, I will so look forward to seeing you tomorrow come 6 pm!
The cute things just keep coming. A chocolat  box from Lyon,.......
a sweet little folder for school children to keep there homework in.....
baskets in metal and wicker.......
and a precious suitcase too! ( picture self getting on French train for a country weekend)
A bottle carrier for six. 
Can you imagine getting perfume samples in glass vials? Well,the French do  and at Charlottes Brocante you can too! 
Always medals. I especially like the ones with the hands as they are for Amite (friendship ) I can't  wait to see you tomorrow mon amis!! I am so glad we are brocante friends. They are the best you know!!!!!


  1. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to the Mr. Jeff ~Cheers

  2. Ok get my tent ready and the fire going I will be on my way to take up stakes and save my post for tomorrow !!! Woohoo !!!!