Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Charlottes Brocante arrives February the 21st at

A sweet someone named Heidi has been coming to the Brocante since it started. She said the first time she looked around and thought is this a dream? She felt the magique. I cannot tell you how fun it is to bring  some French magique into your lives. It been no less of a dream like  adventure for me. 
Alas,these things are not for sale but never will I forget finding these with my Shirley at a early morning market. These are part of the magique in my story. A visual memory.  I will be going to see her in March for the 14 th time. I still can't believe it. The laughter will be had. I think she mentioned Zumba.
But, there  is always something for you. The best part for me IS YOU!Can you imagine buying candles in a box like this? You can next Friday. 
How about showing you animals and bringing home a plaque to show your well done job. 
Linens to last a lifetime. Some with a red monogram.......
and some with white. I can't wait to see you next Friday night. ( cheesy rhymes ,has to be done)

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  1. Ohhh My Sheets !!! I would so love to buy those Candles in a box :) I will be there nice and early so get the fire started early Lol