Monday, February 17, 2014

Charlottes brocante is this Friday at 6

Life gets so busy I sometimes wonder were the time goes. Speaking of life and time I found someone's all wrapped up in brown paper with doodles from 1896. I guess doodles and doodlers have been around  a long time. 
Ooh, and I adore these red numbers in there original packaging ,and you know Charlottes Brocante loves me some numbers. Wrap a present,trim a Christmas stocking or use it as garland in a tree. 
These little sweeties in One to nine to monogram this and that.
I love these that were uses to sit in front of wine bottles for wine tasting. I think place markers for a soirĂ©e would be fabu. 

And these unused ginormous checks from a bank in Paris. Look at them wrap with them and just let them sit in all of there glamorousness. 
Those who love to create will be inspired as well. From these eustocheons for the door....
To watch fob holders....,,,
monograms ,lockets ,silver books,buckles,crystal pins and more. Anything a creative heart would adore. Oh yeah we have one of those too. (a heart that is :)

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  1. Ughhhh your killing Me over here!!!! I loveeee it all and I will so enjoy this Brocante and I always enjoy seeing what comes home with Me. xoxox