Saturday, March 13, 2010

Merci Beau Coup to All Mon Amis!!!

No photos today just words of gratitude. First and foremost to a loving God who gets me. Who made me to love old things and to be creative .Who even knows the number of hairs I have on my head. Who says he never slumbers or sleep so he can watch over his children and causes our bodies to move and makes the sun come up every morning and the moon come up at night. How awesome is that. I could go and on I mean really if you stop to think about that it really is nothing short of a total miracle. Second, I am so humbled by my friends Patty and her twin daughters Emily and Anna who brought fruit and cookies and wrapped packages and just served me because they love me. They also brought along a few extra helpers Abbigal and annie whom I just adore. I could not have done it without them. Third, for parents who support me and snuck in the back door with little sandwiches for the masses and boy were there masses .And last but not least the people who came. Beautiful loving and wonderful women and men. Isabel,(sweet and funny and precious like a little rosebud)Randy( a real live genuine prince),Heidi,Nancy,Audrey(three little angels seriously, really I am not even joking) Kim( she likes candy and had pink on shes brilliant)two little ladies from Molalla and so many others I do not know your name but I thank each one of you for packing into my little store and like all good pirahnas dovouring and cleaning it to the bone in about an hour. I cannot wait for the next time I see your faces but I look forward to growing in friendship and enjoying each others gifts and talents.Bonne Journee(safe travels)


  1. Oh, Amy ~ I was utterly flabbergasted last night when you poked your angel face out of the carriage house door and announced that all you had to do was make a trip to the bathroom and then you would return to open for business! What… wait… what? Could it be… I recognized you from almost a lifetime ago? All of a sudden my head was bobbing afloat in this big sea of bewilderment! I was so caught up in the revelry of reconnecting with you and sifting through all the French treasures… I was truly “beside myself.” Now I finally get what that cliché means! Anyway, thanks for the million OMG moments last night in your little shoppe. I so, so, so plan to reconnect with you!

  2. Bonjour Miss Amy~ Your so Sweet, I want to thank you for inviting all of us into your darling lil Store.I enjoyed myself so.

    I came home with some of the most Fabulous lil Treasures and to know they were all handpicked by Miss Amy in France makes me Swoony for more!

    All your darling lil helpers are so precious.Thank you Girls & Boys.Delicious lil treats~I didn't know what to do eat`shop`visit.I could have stayed the entire three hours but thought I should not over stay my Welcome!

    I am so happy my new found friend Shellagh came across your blog and Sale info.

    I will be looking forward to the next Sale and visiting with you again.Thanks again~Kim (Molalla)

  3. Well done tartelette...............very proud of you

  4. Amy: Your brocante is like a French fairy land! Thank you so much for creating it and giving me a chance to get together with my amies to savor all the lovely things you find. You are a delight (as are your many helpers...) and I look forward to getting crafty with you soon!

    xo, h.

    p.s. Got your message...leave for NZ early tomorrow a.m. (Yikes!) I'll call when I get back!

  5. Sweet Amy, what an absolutely wonderful treat it was to visit your brocante and come home with little treasures hand picked by you in France!!!! I am so happy you had a successful sale and would love to see you again soon... I will definitely let you know about the crafting day I plan on hosting...!!! Big hug!

    P.S. - I just posted about my treasures!!

  6. What a wonderful night it was! Such beautiful things you found in France. Thanks for sharing your treasures with us!

  7. Just found your lovely blog and putting you on my sidebar! I HAVE TO have those little yellow and blue cards in the previous post! Oh my goodness - if I am reading right you opened a shoppe?

  8. Sad, tears! Did I miss your brocante? I didn't check for awhile and now it looks like it was missed. Oh no!